Aico TV Channel: Episode Nineteen

In episode 19 of Aico TV, our Regional Specification Manager David Cunningham speaks with Veritas Fire Support Services, we explore Cornerstone Housing’s experience with our Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway and the episode concludes with a presentation on Systemic Building Safety with Orbit Group.

Aico TV

Veritas Fire Support Services
Regional Specification Manager for South London David Cunningham is joined by Steve Dilloway from Veritas Fire Support Services. With over twenty years’ experience in the fire industry Steve discusses his wide range of clients, the gold standards for fire risk assessment and the challenges faced.

Cornerstone Housing
Tim Lewry, Head of Property Services and Chris Read, Electrical Manager from Cornerstone Housing are joined by Regional Specification Managers Steve Bulley and Paul Barrett to discuss the challenges of Covid, Cornerstone’s experience with Aico’s Ei1000G Gateway and the partnership they have formed. Cornerstone are a non-for-profit Housing Association that manage over 1,300 properties in and around Exeter.

Orbit Group
Regional Specification Manager for Surrey & Kent, Rachel Wright, talks with Neil Yeomans, Head of Customer Safety at the Orbit Group.
Neil leads a team to ensure Orbit’s customers are amongst the safest in the country, he discusses his journey with Orbit and walks us through a presentation on Systemic Building Safety.

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