Electric Shower efficiency is vital for a sustainable future

Daniel Lintell, Sustainability Manager at Triton Showers, discusses why energy efficient electric showers are perfectly placed to make a difference when it comes to sustainability, and explains what Triton is doing to lead the market and help housing providers move towards a more environmentally friendly future.

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Sustainability is on the tip of everyone’s tongues. Whether it’s to be better positioned to help combat the cost-of-living crisis, or to look out for the planet, the word has rapidly altered attitudes towards how we use Earth’s raw materials, driving both legislative and behavioural change across the nation.

Energy use and water consumption is of course key to this. Many consumers are already looking at how they can reduce their bills, while the UK Government is mandating changes through various updates to building regulations as part of the Future Homes Standard, set to be introduced in 2025.

For housing associations and social housing providers, there is now much to consider when looking at how to bring the usage of these two commodities down - not only to ensure compliance in line with new regulations and to be greener themselves, but also because many providers have already voiced concerns about helping their tenants battle against fuel poverty.

At Triton Showers, we’re wholly supportive of this mission and are already working in partnership with many associations to deliver safer, more inclusive showering solutions, and sustainable ones too.

Every Drop Makes A Difference

We’re also on a mission to become the most sustainable shower brand in the UK. Our latest national awareness campaign - Every Drop Makes A Difference – has been created to raise awareness of the environmental credentials of efficient electric showers. It focuses on how these appliances can help save water, energy and money whilst helping protect the planet in the process.  

The first phase of a large-scale programme of activity began on 2 May with an animated, 30-second TV advertisement airing during commercial breaks scheduled around Good Morning Britain, as well as across ITV and C4 (video on demand).
Featuring one of Triton’s brand new ‘A’ rated, energy efficient models - the Amore DuElec™ Electric Diverter Shower - the animation demonstrates how water and energy consumption can be reduced by opting for an electric unit compared to a mixer shower* so that end-users can enjoy every wash without worry.
The initiative follows Triton’s recent announcement that it aims to achieve carbon net zero by 2025, in what will be its 50th anniversary year. With domestic water and energy wastage an increasingly important issue, alongside electricity coming to the fore as a sustainable power source for the future, Triton is perfectly positioned to make a difference and fully intends to do so.

On the campaign, our Managing Director, David Tutton, had this to say: “As the cost-of-living crisis escalates and fuel bills continue to climb, we understand the very real challenges that consumers are now facing. We’re also highly aware of the need for everybody to make informed decisions to help our planet. As a result, we want to help people understand that efficient electric showers are the way forward, and have chosen to invest heavily in making sure we get this message across during the course of 2022 and beyond.”

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Hitting the road again

Alongside the new campaign, we’re also welcoming the return of relative normality following the pandemic. We will be marking this by exhibiting at Elemental 2022, which is taking place at the NEC between 21 - 23 June, as well as the CIH’s conference and exhibition, Housing 2022, taking place at Manchester Central from 28 - 30 June.

Sustainability is at the heart of both these exhibitions, and we’ll be talking about how we aim to fulfil the strapline ‘For a Cleaner Conscience’ that we adopted last year. Needless to say, we are looking forward to conducting business face-to-face again, as it is an opportunity to highlight how efficient electric showers truly have a part to play in building environmentally friendly housing stock.
It won’t just be all talk though - we’re leading by example. As mentioned, we’re making strides toward being carbon net zero by 2025. For starters, Triton attained the Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon in August 2021, lowering its CO2 footprint by 38 per cent during the assessment period while underlining a commitment to reduce emissions year on year.
The business is now working towards achieving carbon neutral certification in 2022, with achievements to date including:

• Reviewing and redesigning product packaging to eradicate 1.7m plastic bags from the supply chain
• Protecting all electric showers with cover bags made from 100% recycled plastic material
• Working with suppliers to remove single use plastic from component wrapping, so that millions of parts are now delivered to Triton in tote boxes that are returned and re-used time and time again
• Installing EV chargers at head office to support the switch to electric vehicles

Lending a helping hand

Alongside Triton’s efforts, we’re focusing on helping the supply chain understand how much energy and water can be saved through simple changes, such as switching to electric showers or adding a flow regulator to shower set ups.

This has culminated in the creation of Triton’s online Energy and Water Savings Calculator. The calculator asks simple questions about household occupants and typical showering habits, before providing personalized tips and suggestions for improvement.

Not only does the calculator show how much can be saved in terms of cost, but it also details easy-to-understand comparisons. This includes how many bottles of water a user’s showering habits equate to, or the carbon footprint generated. For housing providers, we see this as an invaluable tool that can help with the aforementioned challenges around fuel poverty.

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Backed by research

In addition to our commitments, products and innovations, our Greener UK Showers Report combines recent consumer surveys conducted by Triton with the latest data related to the housing market.

Encouragingly, our research found that as many as 86% of 2,000 respondents claim reducing water waste is important to them. However, there remains a level of misunderstanding about the energy and water-efficiency credentials of electric showers, as well as cost concerns, which needs to be addressed if we are to move forward on sustainability.

For example, 55% of people surveyed by Triton say they would expect to pay more for an eco-shower, when in reality they are rarely more expensive. In another survey, 45% of those asked said they do not know whether electric units are more energy efficient or not. Meanwhile 11% think electric models actually use more energy than their mixer counterparts. Our report also found an average family of four could save over 48,000 litres of water by making the switch to electric, cutting their home’s carbon footprint by 0.31 tonnes.

It is in these areas where, with better awareness, information and knowledge, consumers and housing providers can make better, educated choices. At Triton, we’re on a mission to make it as easy as possible to understand how different showers compare. All of Triton’s eco models are registered under the BMA’s water efficiency scheme and include an EU energy label. This makes it straightforward for everybody in the chain to identify which products will save water, money and energy when installed and used correctly.

Every drop makes a difference

When it comes to sustainability, every drop really does make a difference. Whether that’s reducing shower times or by using energy-efficient products, we believe everybody has a part to play.

As the UK’s leading shower brand, Triton products have been a familiar fixture within millions of bathrooms across the UK since 1975, but we want to go further. That’s why we continue to develop water heating solutions to suit every customer and every budget - providing access to high performance showers but in a way that helps people do so with a cleaner conscience.

For more information about Triton’s sustainability commitments, please visit: www.tritonshowers.co.uk/sustainability