Free carbon reduction staring you in the face...


Registered providers in the UK can now incorporate Mybalance within their Net Zero strategies.

This personalised social housing app based program, assists social landlords in the reduction of their collective carbon footprint produced by tenants and staff, with real time reporting and gives full dashboard control to the RP.

Experienced Social Housing and environmental figures have collaborated in the design of Mybalance, an app that engages tenants in a personal carbon footprint reduction programme. A tailored, branded tool, generating personalised news feeds, style and content, an authentic RP platform that provides new territories of tenant engagement.

carbonMissing jigsaw piece
Managing Director Steven Drew explained, “With 15 million tenants residing in social housing, they personally represent around a 150 million tonne carbon footprint. Social Landlords are grappling with the immense challenge of achieving net zero targets, with enormous capital costs being applied to ageing fixed assets. With a 2050 net zero deadline, timing is critical and an immense task, probably the biggest faced by Social Housing this century.

“Mybalance offers the RP a unique proposition to assist in this transition, working closely and directly with customers. It provides a missing jigsaw piece for mass CO2 reduction, a tool for all LA’s and HA’s specifically,” Steven confirmed.

Innovate and create
Studies show that tenants are proactive with social landlords and Will Perry Director of Strategy – Regulator of Social Housing and key speaker at the NHFM Conference this year, recommended, “innovate and create with carbon work with tenants” and asked “what technology for tenants in the future.”

When you consider that a capital investment for a retrofit can be as much as an eye watering £25-45000 per property and often achieves an annual reduction of 2 tonnes CO2, Mybalance is surely an obvious route that is worthy of investigation. It works alongside net zero strategies, it reports real time CO2 reductions and demonstrates the change from your community regarding their carbon performance.

Mybalance for Social Housing

The design of Mybalance allows the app to be rebranded as your product, should you wish to use it that way, it also offers direct one way messaging to your customers with environmental messaging you may wish to utilise.

Reach new territories of tenant engagement and have the ability to produce reports and profiles on collective carbon reductions.

As a social landlord you have a personalised app with Mybalance, a team supports all aspects of implementation and expansion.

Senior social housing and environmental specialists have developed this approach as Mybalance works alongside existing carbon reduction strategies.

Mybalance invite all Registered Providers to contact them for information. Email, call 07879 772056 or visit the website