Growth for fenestration foam tape sealants in 2024

foam sealantsDemand for retrofitted energy efficiency products will help to drive sales of fenestration foam tape sealants in 2024, according to Andy Swift, sales and operations manager at ISO-Chemie (pictured).

He believes the sealants’ market will remain buoyant over the next 12 months, seeing steady growth despite a challenging construction sector and wider inflationary and economic pressures.

In the face of a gloomy outlook in some quarters - a number of construction companies could go under in 2024 due to cost overruns - refurb projects, particularly in the social housing sector, where improved funding for projects is anticipated over the next 12 months to buoy the sector with an 11% growth forecast, are expected to get the green light to meet affordable housing needs.

This will see a strong focus on the use of foam sealants, with increased specification of rapid product solutions to deliver greater energy conservation - particularly as fuel bills will remain high.

Interest rates will also probably stabilise in 2024, boosting demand for more energy efficient accommodation, says Andy Swift. This in turn, will generate steady business for high performance sealants that reduce, or prevent thermal leakage, from around incorrectly fitted window and door frames.

foam sealant

“The retrofit sector in particular will definitely be huge in 2024,” he predicts. “With the continued focus on energy conservation amid higher energy costs and more architects bringing forward their Passivhaus designs, especially in Scotland, readily available high-performance foam window and door sealants will be well positioned to meet specifier and installer needs in the coming months.”

“Indeed, buildings and homes that provide the highest thermal standards are now a priority for commercial and residential developers. It’s an important message that we and other sector leaders will continue push during 2024 to architects and other property specifiers, “ he adds.

“There are effective products out there to ensure that energy efficiency within buildings should never be overlooked or ignored - it’s a matter of designing in these products.” More at

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