Key safety considerations when specifying showers


A rise in multi-generational living, alongside an aging population, means that bathroom safety has come into sharp focus in recent years. Martyn Brown, Contracts and Technical Manager at Triton Showers, outlines Triton’s PASA Test, and the important role it plays in shower specification.

There are currently 1.8 million UK households with several generations living under the same roof, a figure which is expected to triple by 2040 . At the same time, there are 11.8 million people aged over 65, set to become 14.3 million by 2025 . These shifts in demographics coincide with a rise in demand for social housing, presenting a significant challenge to those tasked with delivering fit-for-purpose homes.


Triton's Omnicare shower

The PASA Test
When you consider that bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in a property and contain a number of hazards for those with limited dexterity, vision, or mobility, it is clear that care must be taken when making specification decisions. With such a wide range of factors to consider, Triton has developed ‘The PASA Test’, which stands for Purpose, Accessibility, Safety, and Aesthetics, serving as a guide to ensure an effective solution is provided.

Purpose, for example, is something that occupational therapists will be familiar with, and encourages an end-user first approach, working backwards to make sure that products are tailored to meet the exact needs of occupants. Accessibility follows a similar process, specifically looking at how easily someone that struggles with their movement can use the space.

Safety is perhaps the most important issue, and choosing appliances accordingly is crucial. Triton’s Omnicare range of inclusive showers meets this need, incorporating a raft of functionality that specifically assists users who require additional support. Key accreditation includes the BEAB Care Mark, which is especially important for protecting elderly and vulnerable users within a showering environment. There is also the RNIB tried and tested certification, used to assess the suitability of products for visually impaired individuals.

Aesthetics is the final category in ‘The PASA Test’. All of the above can be packaged into something that looks good, and that is vital in building a house that feels like a home. If a bathroom has a high-quality feel to it, then end-users are far more likely to appreciate and ultimately look after it better.

Closing thoughts
Triton has also created a guide that specifically focuses on the issue of bathroom specification. To view A Blueprint for Bathroom Safety: How to make bathrooms fit for purpose for all generations, please visit: