Optimum: Monitor and control your assets remotely

Optimum BEMS

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Introducing Optimum, the ultimate control & site care system, which allows you to take full control of your energy centre, plant rooms and the entire network.
Examples include full alarming to various locations, integration to access control, fire systems, CCTV, lifts and more.

Optimum is a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) that was designed in house by Enerza in order to seamlessly integrate all services into one dashboard.

This gives full visibility across all sites in one app that can be viewed from anywhere on any device.

30+ years experience of developing building management solutions for the Housing Sector

Our systems allow you to monitor your assets remotely (Plant Rooms, Heating, Electricity, etc).

Making a positive change for end-to-end property Tech solutions

At Enerza we are always looking to the future, creating new and better ways of doing things. Our vision has always been to make a positive change for end-to-end property Tech solutions. With the mindset of efficiency, knowledge, and a passion for innovation, our aim is always about saving costs and making your lives easier which is the driving force behind Enerza.  This is where Optimum was born – to give clients and tenants full control over their assets.

What makes Optimum game-changing?


The Enerza analytics portal is compatible with all major controls solutions found on site (BMS controllers, metering systems, 3rd party databases).  You can monitor auxiliary services such as Lifts, Alarms, Access, etc.


The Dashboard & Analytics Portal will run on the Enerza cloud servers. In case of any failures, there will be at least two backup servers that the system will automatically switch over to.


The Optimum system puts you in complete control. Thus, if you want to change supplier, either you or Enerza can disable the logins and set up another provider.


As part of the solution, the Enerza Team will provide back-end maintenance and updates to the all-inclusive systems.


The Enerza analytics portal gives you the ability to export collected data to produce reports or to send it directly to other databases.

   FeaturesOptimum BEMS

   + User dashboards which allows a breakdown of the site (from block costs to energy consumption)

   + A map of all your sites with status icons

   + Engineer views to drill down into the equipment remotely

   + View all your assets in one place and receive automated reports and alarms



Optimum BEMS

Problems we have solved?


Wandle Housing had recurring failures and breakdowns from a development. Enerza were tasked to remedy and optimize the communal system, whilst increasing up time and visibility.


The development consists of 120 apartments with solar thermal, solar PV and a gas boiler powered communal system which was consistently suffering from failures and breakdowns, causing low uptime and lack of visibility.

Operational Benefits

+ The sites reliability has dramatically increased and tenant complaints have dropped considerably.
+ Wandle Housing can now see every aspect of the development and are able to drill down to individual components of the plant. There is also a much simpler overview and geo mapped visual to get a quick glance status update and performance views.

Cost Benefits

+ Since the development had the changes implemented, the site is continuously saving £20k+ per annum with an approximate payback of less than 2 years.


“Great delivery and great results, bringing real positive change.”

Optimum BEMS


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