Stylish bath replacements now possible more quickly

There is a backlog in DFG and social landlord funded bathroom adaptations, however, thanks to the introduction of AKW’s new standalone cubicle, safe showering and toileting can be achieved more quickly than a traditional wet room or level access solution. Here Stuart Reynolds, Head of Product and Marketing at AKW, a leading provider of bathroom accessibility solutions, discusses why the stylish Onyx Care Pod has been developed and how it helps social landlords meet tenants showering and toileting needs more quickly and flexibly.


Speed is of the essence
A traditional wet room solution can take between 5 to 7 days to install, however AKW’s stylish, yet highly functional standalone cubicle has been designed with speed of installation in mind.

Removing the existing bathroom and installing the Onyx Care Pod takes two to three days – reducing the time taken to complete an adaptation by up to 60%. This not only makes the installation a lot faster but reduces inconvenience for tenants and meets their needs much more quickly. Also, two installations can be achieved by contractors compared to one wet room in any given week. This enables housing associations to reduce any accessible bathroom installation backlogs that might have built up in the past.

Flexibility for tenants and providers alike
The care pod offers social landlords a stylish, future-proofed showering and toileting solution, as it can be as easily removed as it is installed. The shallow 26mm textured shower tray offers a high level of slip resistance. It can be fully accessed if needed for wheelchair users, using an AKW ramp. The cubicle is also watertight, and the wall panels are structural, allowing the addition of shower seats and grab rails to be fitted at any time, as required.

For users with specific impairments, the accessories can be tailored to suit. For example, grab rails with a high LRV colour contrast can be chosen for those with visual impairments. Shower controls can be positioned for easy use, to maximise independence. Also, a range of full- and half-height shower screens can be chosen, depending on the user’s requirements.

Depending on the tenants needs, there is the traditional Onyx Care Pod for those wanting a standalone showering cubicle, alternatively a Showerloo option is also available. This is ideal for those with additional toileting requirements, as it reduces moving and handling, and is particularly beneficial when the Onyx Care Pod is installed outside of a bathroom environment.

No unexpected costs
The Onyx Care Pod is extremely competitively priced, making DFG a realistic funding option. Also, the lifetime guarantee that comes with the Onyx Care Pod enables budget holders to approve installation with confidence. When comparing the cost of the pod to a traditional wet room, it is in line with a standard adaptation – even though much higher end products are used. This is due to the savings being made on labour and time in the installation process, as less preparation and decorative work is needed, and fewer materials are required.

Already proving a hit with providers and users
The Onyx Care Pod has already been positively received by social providers and end users alike. Steve Burroughs, Disabled Facilities Manager, at Cardiff Council says: “This shower pod from AKW is simple, yet highly functional. It provides us with a win-win scenario as it answers the need for quick, simple, short term showering solutions, as well as futureproofing solutions in our housing stock.” Tenants at Northampton Partnership Homes have said about the Onyx Care Pod that it is: “really easy to clean”, “adaptable”, “looks modern” and has “made a massive difference to my partner’s independence”.

Designed to offer a stylish alternative to traditional shower cubicle products, the AKW Onyx Care Pod is an intelligent adaptation solution for those social landlords looking to replace a bath quickly.

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