The Mira Select Flex – enhancing everyone’s showering experience

With inclusive living becoming an increasingly important aspect of bathroom design, creating shower systems that provide a superb showering experience while giving people the independence they want is crucial. Mira Showers has designed the Mira Select Flex mixer shower to enable more confident independent showering while looking at home in any family bathroom.

Whether it’s washing away the stresses and strains of a long day or providing that refreshing wake-up, first thing in the morning, the shower is somewhere everyone goes to unwind. With that in mind, providing a shower system that is designed for ease of use by all members of the family is paramount.

That need is exacerbated further by the increasing numbers of UK properties that have occupants of multiple generations.

Ideally suited to retrofit projects, the Mira Select Flex has been developed specifically for aid and adaptation installations. This is in no small part due to the Select Flex utilising the same inclusive design principles as the market-leading Mira Advance, electric shower.


showeringEnabling easier assisted care showering, the Mira Select Flex is designed to provide a more pleasurable, relaxing and inclusive showering experience for all, including the visually impaired. In fact, Mira Showers worked closely with the RNIB to design the Mira Select Flex.

Robin Spinks, Head of Inclusive Design at RNIB, said: “We’re delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Mira Showers on the Select project.

“What we’ve really seen here is a company who’ve been really willing to ask questions, to listen to users and consult with expert organisations before taking those findings and actually integrating them into the design process so that what comes out at the other end is a thoughtfully designed, inclusive and pleasant to use product.”

Designed with everyone’s needs in mind
Inclusive living is becoming an increasingly important aspect of property design, especially during retrofitting projects. After all, with multiple generations likely
to use the shower system, especially those with limited visual acuity or mobility, it’s important that independence is truly considered during the design and development process.

This innovative shower has been specifically designed to provide an enhanced accessible showering experience that can be used whether standing, seated or with the assistance of a carer.

The Mira Select Flex also incorporates a myriad of features to offer an unrivalled inclusive showering experience. With a simple push-button actuation avoiding the need to adjust flow and temperature control every time the shower is used, the Select Flex is far easier to operate, particularly where assisted showering is needed.

In fact, the shower’s visuals and detents have been optimised for those with visual impairments. Utilising high contrast colours and an anti-reflective surface, the Mira Select Flex features easily visible showering controls. Additionally, raised icons and tactile graphics have been incorporated to assist those with visual acuity.  


Sustainable design
As a company that prides itself on providing the most sustainable products, Mira Showers considers Design for the Environment (DfE) a key proponent of its product development. To that end, the Select Flex features sustainable materials, such as high performing internals, to limit its environmental impact while providing a stunning finish. Such innovation is vital to meeting the amended Part L Building Regulations, which aims to reduce the carbon output of new dwellings by 31%.

Additionally, this innovative shower system has been designed to assist in the futureproofing of properties. With retrofit capability over a wide range of mixer showers, the stylish and sleek Mira Select Flex suits every style of bathroom.

When specifying for inclusive living, you can specify Mira Select for your next project with total confidence.

Images © Mira Showers