Top tips for Green Roof Specification

Green roofs have become increasingly popular in the last decade, and in some cases, a mandatory requirement; providing an eco-friendly solution for enhancing building functionality and sustainability. But there isn’t a one-size-fits-all.

green roof

Here are some simple tips to consider during green roof specification:

Waterproofing Systemchoosing your waterproofing membrane is a vital component to the success of your green roof application. Hot melt and bituminous membrane structural waterproofing systems stand out as the most frequently specified, however cold-applied liquids and single ply can also be used in some cases. Make sure you thoroughly research your waterproofing membrane selection to ensure the system will provide a robust, versatile solution that is root resistant, and has appropriate guarantees of protection against water infiltration.

Location, Location, Location – considering the location and prevailing climatic conditions is crucial in green roof design. Factors such as light, heat, shade and moisture, play a vital role in determining the viability of a system to ensure a thriving green roof that enhances the surrounding environment.

green roof

Plant Type – choosing the right plants from the outset is essential, as they have different and distinct water and load-bearing requirements. Deciding on the correct plants for the particular green roof will ensure they align with the project’s end goal and requirements. Green roofs can also help with Sustainable Drainage Solutions (SuDS), as the plants within a green roof use rainwater, reducing the amount of rainwater reaching the ground and reducing pressure on drainage systems.

Select a Trusted Supply Chain Partner collaborating with a trusted green roof system supplier, such as Soprema, will ensure you save time and money. We provide design considerations, technical support and a service-led approach to specification.

At Soprema, we are committed to sustainable solutions to help make our buildings resilient and durable for the future. Thanks to our experience and dedication to innovation, we are equipped to handle any green roof project.

For more advice on green roof specification, contact the Soprema team for specialist design guidance on 0330 058 0668 or visit our website:

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