Why housing needs a clear and consistent strategy

housingTV presenter and architect George Clarke is known for his forthright views on issues affecting housing and the built environment and he's has long been a champion of good design and sustainability.

He is also Ecodan Ambassador for heat pump manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric and writes regularly on their blogsite about issues affecting the construction industry and housing in particular.

His latest article reacts to the news that the government has scrapped the Green Homes Grant, just 6 months after it was launched, explaining that he "can't quite believe it".

"We are now left with a gaping hole in funding and with no new initiative for moderate-income families to make ecological improvements to their existing homes," he says, whilst acknowledging that the government has at least increased the fund to improve homes for people on low-incomes and in social housing.

In his usual forthright way, George asks if the government knows where it is going and focuses on why the housing industry needs a clear and consistent long-term net-zero strategy.

"You begin to wonder what is going on," he says, calling an analysis of the last 6 months of government announcements as "just bizarre".

Whilst acknowledging that the government has of course been dealing with COVID-19 and rolling out the vaccine programme, George feels that we "cannot avoid dealing with a housing system that is in desperate need of a green, ecological revolution.

"Our future and our children's future depends on it".

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