Construction Time Again!

SureCav, a pioneering brand of cavity wall membrane, announces a significant increase in the sales of SureCav25 YoY since its launch in 2016, quickly catching up the sales of the original product line, SureCav50. It now accounts for 40% of the company’s sales.
Commenting on the positive figures, SureCav Managing Director Charlie Ayers says, “From the time the product was first introduced in 2016, we have seen a gradual take-up in sales compared with SureCav50, with a dramatic spike in enquiries for it over the last couple of months.”
“I think the main reason for this is that whilst being eco-friendly, it also delivers long-term cost savings and adds considerable value to the build. It’s encouraging to see the housebuilding sector realising the huge potential for lowering U-values and gaining more floor space by using SureCav25. On the current trajectory, I predict SureCav25 sales will soon consistently outstrip SureCav50.”
Increasing awarenessSureCav’s range of cavity wall solutions for Construction
As with several other UK building products manufacturers, SureCav used the lockdown to audit and review its internal systems and assets, particularly its website.
Taking the decision to overhaul the platform, the refreshed online presence delivers a more concise, intuitive customer journey, bringing the brand to life and showcasing its potential for housebuilding.
According to Ayers, the new website has seen a significant rise in online user engagement, “Since launching the new site a few weeks ago, we’ve noticed a 50% increase in hits on our homepage. The feedback from our audience has been really positive, with architects, designers and builders directly referencing our technical pages when they enquire about SureCav25.
“Particularly, they highlight the wealth of up-to-date product information and comprehensive specification guides, which they find a valuable resource for cavity wall construction. We have complemented this with strategic social media activity to further engage with our audience of built environment professionals.”
Business as usual
SureCav’s distribution centre has also re-opened (as of Monday 11th May), having shutdown during the COVID-19 lockdown. Following strict health and safety guidelines, the hub is gearing up to normal order dispatching, having fulfilled all existing orders and it is now ‘business as usual’.
Ayers concludes, “At SureCav, a mix of careful preparation and health stock levels has meant we’re in a strong position, enabling us to honour existing orders without impacting on future ones. Of course, like many manufacturers, the closure of our distribution depot presented an inconvenience to our customers, but our distributors have worked tirelessly to get everything back up and running.

“We are now able to get plenty of stock out to our clients, and for new orders. SureCav25’s ultralight, thin and compact design means we can ship in bulk while the rapid production process means we can hold more stock for immediate dispatch. As construction begins once again across the UK, we are all geared up to meet the cavity wall needs of the nation’s housebuilders and developers.”

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Somerset manufacturer SureCav announces enquiries increase for SureCav25 system, new website and reopening of distribution centre