Courting compliments!

Dukeminster Court in Dunstable can accommodate residents with a wide range of needs, including those seeking residential and dementia care. With natural daylight and ventilation having proven positive effects, the Windoor System 1000 Light balcony enclosures were chosen to enhance the residents’ health and wellbeing.

Many of the rooms at Dukeminster Court benefit from inset balconies - the balcony space being inset rather than projecting from the facade - which increase the natural light and ventilation. 

Courting compliments!

The 24 double width and six single width units of the Windoor System 1000 Light enclosed balconies incorporated clear laminated safety glass in the lower balustrade section to 800mm high, with a double external powder-coated aluminium handrail to provide a barrier to 1100mm. Clear sliding and folding opening glass to the upper section allows the residents plentiful access to fresh air whilst enjoying the comfort of their own homes.

A stylish solution

System 1000 is a complete solution from top to bottom.  The upper part of the balcony system consists of sliding and folding glass whilst the lower part consists of slender powder-coated aluminium profiles.  There is a wide choice of materials for these elements; laminated glass can be clear, coloured or opaque.  In addition to glass a range of alternative materials are available including Alcubond, Formica or Composite Aluminium.  The glass panels can be either single or double glazed.

Health benefits

Extra care facilities require peace and quiet for residents, and to this end the system has been soundtested, with the 6mm unframed sliding glass providing a reduction of approximately 17db. Mounting of vertical sealing strips on sliding glass sections can increase the reduction further.

The health benefits of this system to the extra care sector are numerous. Natural daylight and ventilation have great and positive effects on health, and enclosed balconies encourage those unable to access the gardens freely to still enjoy good weather without having to go down to the garden.

Safe and secure

In addition to their fully opening capacity, Windoor System 1000 Light enclosed balconies can also be locked and fully secured when required. The system provides a level of security proven through many years of safe installations and satisfied clients. Restrictors can be installed to provide an opening of approximately 100mm to provide additional ventilation whilst at the same time maintaining security.  Alternatively, trickle vents can also be supplied with all our systems. These are supplied in co-ordinated powder coated aluminium.

Other optional extras include sliding sunshades and suspension fittings for a range of additional features, including Venetian blinds.

The system was specified by Nicol Thomas Architects, and installed by  Russell Timbertech for main contractor Galliford Try.