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In case you hadn’t noticed, the world of news has changed rapidly over the last few years, with social media transforming the way we as individuals receive and consume information. Russell Jones of Mitsubishi Electric tells HA how these new sources can affect the quality of our news.

Where do you get your news? Platforms such as Twitter are often the best place to pick up breaking news, and even Youtube offers a news service, so the traditional methods such as newspapers and even TV are facing stiff competition from almost every angle.

I still believe there is a place for a daily newspaper and regular monthly magazines, as this can allow readers to delve deeper into a subject that flitting around on an i-Phone is likely to allow.

Read all about it!

You are also far more likely to come across an article or piece of news that you simply may miss if you only ever receive the ‘tailored’ items that your App believes you want, which is important in these days of needing to keep up with legislation.

And of course, you are less likely to be the victim of ‘fake’ news if you rely on a reputable source.

I am also meeting more and more young people who do say that they read a newspaper or magazine, which I found encouraging as I believe we are in danger of developing into a nation with a rapidly diminishing attention span.

So you might be interested in a new website that promises to offer comment and opinion on a host of issues relating to energy use in the built environment.

Called ‘The Hub,’ it’s the brainchild of leading heat pump manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric, and, although it does contain articles from the company’s technical experts, it is by no means simply A N Other manufacturer’s website.

The Hub will look at legislation, technology and the issues affecting buildings and the built environment, as well as provide useful links to help visitors understand where they can get further information.

The site contains posts from leading industry editors – such as HA’s own Joe Bradbury - as well as Mitsubishi Electric’s own experts, and focuses on a range of subjects that will appeal to corporations, housing associations, consultants and installers, as well as consumers in general.

There is a lot going on at the moment with regards to saving energy within our built environment and it can be difficult to keep track of everything. The Hub will provide one searchable site that will build into a useful resource over time.

The site is smartphone- and tablet-friendly so that it can be viewed on the go, and also contains an advanced search facility to make finding relevant articles easy and straightforward.

Visitors can also sign up to receive a monthly email newsletter, highlighting pertinent subjects, and the blog site is optimised so that articles can be easily shared on all major social media platforms. Visit the new website at

Mitsubishi Electric has led the market with the development of the advanced Ecodan range of heat pumps and is ready to offer advice to social housing providers wishing to know more. The company can also help inform and educate tenants on renewable heating.

The Hub can be accessed by desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone and is available at