Modus tilt & turn accommodates tough requirements at new development

When construction and development group Bowmer & Kirkland needed to ensure a £19million project for the YMCA stayed in budget, they asked Eurocell for advice.

With an enviable track helping architects, developers and installers find solutions, plus unmatched PVC-U window design and expertise, Eurocell got their sleeves rolled up before the first concrete was poured.

Making short work of value engineering analysis for the project, Eurocell engineers identified the tight budget could be made to work even harder. By changing the window spec from aluminium to PVC-U in the shape of their Modus Tilt & Turn profile, they could lower costs by up to 37% and increase thermal performance, without altering the design.

requirements at new development

PVC-U may look like a good choice on paper. But how does it perform against aluminium in-situ?

When it comes to aesthetics, it’s the best lookalike around as virtually any metallic surface can be replicated. In this case, an identical colour and finish to the original aluminium spec through the application of a smooth RAL7016 foil. Not just a perfect match for the architect’s vision, but also for any aluminium doors and commercial shop fronts on the ground level.

However, and perhaps even more eye-catching for developers, its hidden strength lies in its outstanding versatility when used in a profile such as Modus.

requirements at new development

With full technical support and expertise from Eurocell, installation contractor,Astraseal, was able to specify a system that was modified and strengthened to provide the rigidity required to meet the project’s challenging wind loading and structural issues.

This required reinforcing steel bars to be supplied by a third party to be integrated with the frames during fabrication. A solution that could be seamlessly incorporated into the profile and one that had already been put to work in previous developments requiring similar structural support capability.

Mark MacMullan, from Astraseal, commented on the relationship “Eurocell were good at supporting Astraseal technically. They were clear about what could and couldn’t be achieved with the Modus profile. It was a successful contract.”

requirements at new development

Acoustic rating to the glass was also a major consideration. Modus Tilt and Turn was a flexible enough option to be able to meet the requirement of structural engineers PRP, who factored in the required noise reducing glazing with the help of the Eurocell Technical Support Team.

In the case of the Milton Keynes YMCA, switching window spec to PVC-U not only significantly lowered the overall installation cost for the windows. But also put in place a system with thermal efficiency that will continue to save money as it reduces overall utilities costs for the facility into the future.


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