Squaring the circle: how sash windows can cut costs, improve aesthetics and ensure sustainability

sash windowsJames Clack, Sales Director of Victorian Sliders, makes the case for vertical sliding sash windows in housing association properties.

For housing associations, it’s a constant challenge – how do you balance tenant comfort, aesthetics, legislative compliance and ever-tightening budgets?

Ageing properties present particular difficulties. When it comes to things like the windows, products well past their prime can become significant sources of heat loss, draughts, and maintenance headaches, impacting both tenant satisfaction and bottom-line expenses.

If the properties in question are in a historically sensitive area, it becomes even harder – you have to try and protect local heritage, provide modern performance for the tenant, and, again, stick within tight budgets.

Once, squaring that circle would’ve been impossible. But today, thanks to impressive leaps in technology, that’s no longer the case.

PVCu sliding sash windows, particularly the ECOSlide range by Victorian Sliders, offer a compelling solution, addressing many of these pain points while preserving the traditional character of heritage properties, subject to council approval.

Here’s just some of the reasons housing associations should strongly consider ECOSlide for their window replacement projects.

First, it offers unmatched energy efficiency – its multi-chambered profiles, advanced glazing options, and robust weather seals drastically reduce heat transfer, lowering energy bills for tenants and helping associations meet sustainability targets.

Second, unlike timber windows, ECOSlide will never rot, warp, or flake. It requires virtually no maintenance beyond an occasional wipe-down, saving significant sums on ongoing care and extending the windows’ lifespan.

Third, ECOSlide windows are meticulously designed to replicate the charm of original timber sash windows. Available in various heritage colours and finishes, they preserve the architectural integrity of buildings while adding a touch of modern elegance.

Fourth, authenticity. Housing associations frequently work with listed or conservation-area properties. ECOSlide’s authentic sightlines, optional Georgian bars, and period hardware ensure seamless integration with historic buildings.

Fifth, clever ventilation. ECOSlide ingeniously incorporates cleverly concealed trickle vents within the frame, maintaining the window’s classic appearance while ensuring compliance.

And sixth, ECOSlide offers unparallelled versatility.

We’ve strived to offer ECOSlide with as many bolt-ons and optional extras as possible, allowing it to be extensively customised to the requirements of virtually any job.

sash windows

Not just heritage
Sash windows are often associated with heritage buildings – and it’s true that they excel in that setting. But they’re just as suited to newer builds too – capable of bringing a touch of vintage elegance or distinctive kerb appeal to modern dwellings too.

As standard, it’s already impressive – offering A+ energy ratings, spring balances for smooth operation, toughened glass top and bottom, tilt function for easy cleaning, and cleverly concealed trickle vents.

But it can be enhanced with a range of add-ons too. On the design front, it can incorporate bays, arches and coupled frames.
It can be supplied with patterned, acoustic, security or solar control glazing, and Doc Q-compliant security hardware.

And it can be further customised with a wide range of finishes and foils, including any RAL colour, and the option for run-through sash horns or Georgian or astragal bars.

Taken together, this offers huge customisability, letting us tailor a product for virtually any housing association requirement.

The bottom line is that, for housing associations, upgrading to ECOSlide represents a smart, long-term investment.

These windows deliver a winning combination of energy savings, low maintenance, enhanced tenant comfort, classic looks, and regulatory compliance.
What’s more, backed by Victorian House Window Group, one of the UK’s biggest and most vertically integrated window manufacturers, you’re guaranteed a level of consistent quality competitors can’t match.

By making our own glass units, our own hardware and our own PVCu window profile, we’re also able to control costs, making ECOSlide one of the most cost-competitive products of its type on the market today.

For more information, visit www.victoriansliders.co.uk or call 01269 846200.

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