Air source heat pumps...a logical option for social housing

Air source heat pumpsThe heat pump revolution is underway in the UK with more and more housebuilders and social housing providers opting for heat pumps rather than the traditional fossil fuelled gas and oil fuelled boilers. The Government has introduced legislation that will see boilers phased out by 2025 in new build properties, but sensibly, many developers are getting ahead of the game and future proofing their new homes and in many cases the heating system upgrades on existing homes as well. The new, easy to install, highly energy efficient air to water heat pumps available now are proving to be hugely popular, with Unitherm already picking up a number of sizeable contracts from social housing providers. And it’s been Unitherm’s ‘All U Need’ approach - full supply, design heat pump package, with a simple to install system and full technical support that is proving popular.

And not surprisingly when you look at the benefits of the latest heat pump models from the likes of LG Electronics, the recently released Therma V Monobloc S. It has already sparked significant interest amongst social housing providers up and down the country.

As with the original Monobloc, this new model combines the indoor and outdoor features in one module. As it’s a Monobloc, there is only water pipes leaving the unit, eliminating the need for refrigerant piping, making this heat pump an installer’s dream when it comes to ease of installation.

Hydronic components like the improved plate heat exchanger, the expansion tank, water pump, flow sensor, pressure sensor, air vent valve and safety valve are all built in - inside the outdoor unit – pre-installed and ready to run. And the R32 Monobloc ‘S’ provides excellent heating performance especially at low ambient temperatures whilst lowering its carbon emissions even more with the use of R32 refrigerant.

The new ‘S’ version is very quiet with a new insulated compartment for the compressor which insulates the sound and a new design on the fan blades, meaning this is the quietest unit produced by LG to date.

air source heat pumps

The standout feature of the LG heat pump though is that the unit does not drop in capacity even when the outside temperature is as low as -15°C.  This gives the customer full peace of mind that no matter what the outside weather is, the LG unit will heat the home.  When you also consider that the unit comes with a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance of up to 4.67 (Average climate/Low temperature application) and a A+++ rating, the high level performance is clear for everyone to see.

As LG’s largest distributor in the UK, Unitherm Heating Systems provides an unrivalled service by combing this state-of-the-art technology with a packaged system so that everything is supplied from one company, with one point of contact.  With a range of pre-plumb cylinders, standalone cylinders and all of the heat pump accessories for a complete system installation, it is clear why the LG/Unitherm product offering is so popular.

The landscape for heating in the UK is changing.  Regulations are changing, the Government is providing generous incentives for low carbon and low temperature heating systems such as air to water heat pumps and it is now that we all need to work together in providing a simple solution to what is a complicated question in taking steps to reduce carbon emissions in our homes.

With ECO4 coming into effect in July 2022 this will see heat pumps becoming ‘the norm’ and Unitherm is at the forefront of this providing the full package with full support at every step of the installation. Head for or call on 01392 979450 for more information on ‘All U Need’ relating to the full heat pump package for your developments.