Heating and Ventilation


Leading British ventilation manufacturer Vent-Axia has launched its new Lo-Carbon Revive 7 fan raising the bar on energy efficiency for social housing providers. Designed to meet the specific needs of the social housing sector this next generation of the popular Revive 7 filter-less unitary fan offers greater efficiency, near silent operation, a slimmer profile, all with the same great performance and in line with the updated Part F of the Building Regulations. This gives social housing landlords confidence that the new Lo-Carbon Revive 7 can tackle the issues of condensation and mould, while improving the efficiency of housing stock and comfort for residents. Meanwhile, its new slimmer profile means the Revive 7 is even easier to install in a wider range of locations.

sustainable heating

Panasonic has partnered with social housing provider, Together Housing, to deliver sustainable heating solutions to over 1,200 properties across the North of England. To date, Together Housing has switched hundreds of homes from gas boilers to Panasonic J Series Aquarea Monobloc air-to-water heat pumps. This year, the team is scheduled to retrofit a further 750 homes with many more to follow.

Clean Air Day

Leading British ventilation manufacturer Vent-Axia is supporting Clean Air Day on Thursday 20 June 2024. This #CleanAirDay is highlighting that cars and vans are the biggest source of toxic chemicals in our air, according to official data and that we should call on our next government to clean it up. Clean Air Day is led by environmental charity Global Action Plan and is the UK’s largest campaign on air pollution. It aims to improve public understanding of air pollution, build awareness of how air pollution affects our health, and explain the easy actions we can all take to tackle air pollution, helping protect the environment and our health.

cool plus

Titon announces the launch of the HRV Cool Plus™, specifically designed to provide cooling in warmer weather conditions and tackle residential overheating.

Titon’s HRV Cool Plus™ is engineered to seamlessly integrate into heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) systems, delivering cooling and filtered air to enhance user comfort. With its integrated cooling module, the cutting-edge unit pre-cools incoming fresh air during warmer months, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment.


In the realm of social housing, the challenge of mould and damp demands urgent attention. These issues not only compromise the aesthetic appeal of properties but also pose serious health risks to residents if left unaddressed. Following recent legislative amendments emphasising the necessity of safe and habitable living conditions, there is heightened pressure to tackle these concerns promptly, especially considering tragic incidents such as the passing of Awaab Ishak.

recycling day

Ventilation industry leader Vent-Axia is celebrating Global Recycling Day, which takes place on 18 March 2024. This year the theme for Global Recycling Day is ‘Recycling Heroes’. Vent-Axia is committed to reducing its environmental impact and has set clear sustainability targets including that 90% of the plastic it uses in its own manufacturing to be from recycled sources by the end of FY2025. Currently this figure is already at 83% and the company is on track to hit the 90% figure. Vent-Axia has achieved this by leading the way in the ventilation sector with a market transformation to manufacturing from recycled material to improve indoor air sustainably.