Are your properties suffering from mould or damp? We have the real solution...

Qest has over 13 years of experience working within the social housing sector across England and Wales. We are a specialist SME provider of mould eradication, thermal insulation, and energy insulation services.

Our three-pronged approach involves treating the mould, continuously innovating our methods and educating our customers on prevention.

We undertake over 5,000 treatments annually and are at the forefront of the battle against mould. At Qest, we like to say ‘We turn black walls back into white walls’ all covered by our 2-year guarantee on all works conducted. A testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

mould or damp

Mould and damp on internal wall

Over the years we have worked hard to refine and improve all SOPS and invest heavily in the business in terms of resources and technology with the ambition to serve our clients and provide a service unrivalled in the industry. Our policies are not just about compliance. We are also committed to making a positive impact on the environment and society and are currently consolidating our ESG policy.

All those involved in the industry understand the challenges we have here in the UK with damp and mould. At Qest, our mission is to treat, remediate, and improve the lives of the customers we deliver our service to, but it does not stop there. Education is at the forefront of the battle against damp & mould. At Qest we have always believed that it is imperative to impart our knowledge to the customer on how to stop mould from coming back. We call it ‘closing the loop’. It is one of the reasons we have a customer satisfaction score of over 98%.  

The tragic news of the death of a young child in Rochdale shook the country to its core. We will soon have Awaabs law enacted. Social Housing Landlords and service providers are formulating their response and shaping services to accommodate the forthcoming regulations.

Our mission at Qest is to understand how we can go further, and how we can be a beacon of light working in true partnership with customers old and new on their journey shaping their damp & mould services to their customers. We have had many discussions with our many customers and the overriding theme is that all concerned are tuned into the need to develop a comprehensive response to the crisis and deliver a service to their customers that not only meets regulations but also educates and uplifts communities. I have seen many fantastic examples of services that are being shaped and instituted by our customers and I want to talk about a client of ours in Yorkshire, whom we have been in discussions with over the past six months working together to formulate a comprehensive mould remediation service which delivers for their customers.

damp or mould

Treating mould to 'turn black walls back into white walls'

The client has committed to delivering a mould remediation service to their customers based on a 7-day turnaround, which means survey and remediation within 7 days. When the client informed Qest of the commitment they had made to their customers my initial response was, ‘Wow, that is brave!’, but it’s also groundbreaking, and I wanted Qest to be part of that vision and commitment. Most would have said, ‘It can’t be done’, but that is not our attitude at Qest. We are very much forward-thinking, and a can-do attitude permeates throughout the organisation.

Our discussions with the client were about how we work to deliver on the commitment together in partnership. Many honest, open and frank discussions took place over many months, and eventually, the terms of the partnership were agreed and rubber-stamped. Qest will deliver on the client’s commitment to their customers.

We are proud to be playing a major part in this groundbreaking partnership and all concerned at Qest are extremely excited to embark on the journey. We look forward to getting started on-site in the new year ‘turning black walls back into white walls’.

If anybody would like further information as to how we can work in partnership with you to deliver for your customers, please do drop me a line on the details below.

For more information please contact Paul Nicholls, Qest Sales Director  -  07729 047 477

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