Corksol UK launches antiviral surface spray coating


Corksol UK has announced the launch of its innovative spray solution, Protesol Antiviral, which is scientifically proven to protect treated surfaces against 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses, including SARS and Coronavirus.

The ground-breaking new spray solution can be retro applied to surfaces including plastic, ceramic, metal, laminate and some painted surfaces, making it ideal for use in communal areas in social housing.


Left: 0 hours with virus - Right: 24 hours with virus and Protesol treatment

The coating works to destroys any harmful bacteria and viruses currently cultivating on the surface, before creating a barrier-effect which eliminates any opportunity for bacteria or viruses to grow.

Application of the coating is simple and straightforward, simply spray onto a non-porous surface using a spray gun for large scale coverage, or simply add drops of the solution onto the surface and apply by hand with a microfibre cloth for smaller areas. To set the coating, using a paint stripping heat gun will help seal the resin in place, but it can be left to cure naturally in some circumstances.

For more information visit the Corksol website