Crest supporting Builders Merchants with supply of bricks and roof tiles

bricks and roof tiles

Our factories maintain good stock levels and delivery lead times, merchants and distributors are turning to Crest to help them through these challenging times.  

The construction material shortage remains challenging for building and construction businesses as demand outstrips supply. With little improvement in the availability of many key building materials, such as timber, bricks and roof tiles, and with suppliers’ delivery times increased sharply as the supply chain works hard to keep up.

Crest’s manufacturing partners have been actively increasing the supply to merchants, distributors and housebuilders to help remove the tremendous pressure they all face. We have adequate production capacity and the ability to manufacture more bricks and roof tiles to further help the supply shortage.
Stuart King Crest’s Deputy Managing Director said: “We have been working hard with our manufacturing partners to help stay on top of production through this period. Our factories still maintain good stock levels and delivery lead times as we further support our merchant and distributor customers through these challenging times.”

Transport and haulage shortages are also impacting on the current situation, further lengthening lead times coupled with increased demand is making it difficult for manufacturers and suppliers to build up stock.

McCann Logistics Ltd now part of the group offers our own in-house logistics and transport operation specialising in transporting building materials from factories in Europe to builder’s merchants depots and construction sites in the UK, handling the distribution of bricks, roof tiles and other materials.

bricks and roof tiles

Stuart added: “With an operating fleet of over 145 trailers, taut liners and flatbeds our sales and logistics teams are working hard to keep delivery times as short as possible to cope with the extra demand. Our experience ensure that each consignment is carefully planned, managed and tracked, to ensure your delivery arrives quickly and safely to its destination.”  

Crest Building Products are a leading supplier of high-quality facing bricks, clay and concrete roof tiles supplying to distributors and leading Builders Merchants across the UK. With a wide range of bricks which include handmade, wire cut, engineering, water struck, tumbled, restoration and stock bricks.

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