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As the transformative journey to delivering more sustainable homes of the future, including local authority properties, continues to gather pace, those charged with its delivery will be turning to their supply chains for added value support.

To help guide local authorities to navigate these changes, Marley has bought together its industry leading expertise to launch its More than a Roof campaign.

From cross collaboration, access to robust product selection, which includes solar PV, to peace of mind through its extended system guarantee, Marley is on hand to support local authorities at every stage of their project.


To further support the availability of sustainable roofing solutions, Marley has extended its SolarTile® range, with the launch of a new panel.
Larger than Marley’s existing 335Wp system, the new M10 Solar Photovoltaic Panel delivers a peak power of 405Wp to increase total power from a roof area, while allowing for the installation of fewer solar panels to achieve the desired power output.
Building on the ease of installation found in Marley’s SolarTile® range, the new M10 also offers simple roof integration with a clean, low-profile aesthetic making it a sustainable solution for new builds and retrofit projects.


Stuart Nicholson, Roof Systems Director at Marley, believes working with a single source roofing manufacturer, who is on top of ongoing regulations, can mitigate risk in a changing industry landscape. 

Changes to Part L of the Building Regulations have been made so new homes produce 31% lower carbon emissions. It is the precursor to 2025’s Future Homes Standard which will require new homes are specified and constructed to be energy efficient, use low carbon heating solutions, and be zero carbon ready.

roof system

The Crest Nelskamp Planum and G10 S PV integrated solar PV system is a quick and easy to fit system that works seamlessly with Crest’s Planum concrete and G10 clay roof tiles, offering a state-of-the-art solution for the completed roof.

With an increasing focus on sustainable solutions in the built environment as the UK looks to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, Crest Building Products offers the Crest Planum and G10 Clay S PV Integrated solar system. They are engineered to fit quickly and are installed at the same time as the roof, interlocking easily with Crest’s Planum concrete flat tiles and the G10 clay tiles. Crest’s PV Solar Tile solution provides an almost seamless, attractive finish to the completed roof, whilst supplying the homeowner or building owner with an instant clean and efficient energy supply.


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For a number of years now, we have used the line ‘The Roof Tile Has Evolved’ in our advertising and branding. Metrotile isn’t just an alternative roofing tile – it’s the next evolutionary step. Roofing has evolved frequently as long as it’s been needed, and despite being a long way from widespread use of the thatched roof, living in the 21st century doesn’t mean that the design and materials of the roof should remain stagnant; there are certain alternative roofing materials that exceed the benefits of what can be expected from a roof tile.

net zero

With net zero ambitions set across the UK, and the Future Homes Standard calling for all new homes built from 2025 to deliver a 75-80% reduction in carbon emissions, integrated photovoltaics (PV) systems are seen as part of the solution.
To aid the specification market as it seeks to design in renewable energy solutions needed for the homes of tomorrow, Marley has launched a new solar panel providing superior aesthetic appeal and improved power output.
The new enhanced Marley SolarTile® – delivers a lean, low-profile aesthetic for both new build and retrofit projects and offers simple and quick roof integration.


bricks and roof tiles

Our factories maintain good stock levels and delivery lead times, merchants and distributors are turning to Crest to help them through these challenging times.  

The construction material shortage remains challenging for building and construction businesses as demand outstrips supply. With little improvement in the availability of many key building materials, such as timber, bricks and roof tiles, and with suppliers’ delivery times increased sharply as the supply chain works hard to keep up.

Crest’s manufacturing partners have been actively increasing the supply to merchants, distributors and housebuilders to help remove the tremendous pressure they all face. We have adequate production capacity and the ability to manufacture more bricks and roof tiles to further help the supply shortage.