Flooring solutions for social and affordable housing

Luxury Vinyl Tiles, Carpet Tiles and Heterogenous Vinyl floors from IVC Commercial bring comfortable, durable and easy to maintain solutions that are affordable in new build and refurbishment in social housing.

IVC Commercial believes that good design should be easy to implement. For housing associations and affordable housing projects, this means floors that create a welcoming and comfortable home which are also cost-effective, durable and easy to maintain.


Comfort and design that’s easy to implement
IVC Commercial’s high-quality Luxury Vinyl Tiles, Carpet Tiles and Heterogeneous Vinyl solutions make this possible. Creating a home-like feel through a wide range of natural designs with improved comfort, they also ensure a floor that provides housing associations with the performance needed.

Solutions such as Comfytex Deluxe Heterogeneous Vinyl are not only quiet, comfortable and warm underfoot but with natural designs they build a connection to nature. This helps to create an atmosphere that feels familiar and inviting, positively supporting the wellbeing of tenants. Suitable for all domestic areas, except wet rooms, the floor is a popular option thanks to its design, durability, low maintenance and installation advantages.

With a special textile cushion backing Comfytex Deluxe can be installed on top of existing floors without adhesive. Suitable for fitting straight on top of thermoplastic tiles, timber or ceramic tiles, it is ideal for turnkey refurbishment in social housing projects and is widely specified in new build housing projects too thanks to its fast and simple loose lay fitting.

Another solution that brings similar installation advantages is IVC Commercial’s LayRed 55 engineered vinyl flooring. This floor offers similar installation benefits; it can be installed over a range of subfloor conditions and provides fast loose lay fitting thanks to a commercially proven click system. The floor’s built-in underlay combats impact noise for a floor that’s comfortable and quiet underfoot. The award-wining floor is available in a range of authentic and premium wood looks.

Safer floors for modern methods
The growing focus on off-site construction methods can also be catered for with flooring solutions from IVC Commercial. Isafe 70 advanced safety flooring is already being used in pods for the build-to-rent sector. Bringing home-like woods, concrete, terrazzo and mineral effects, the floor provides TRRL 36+ slip-restraint in a finish that’s durable and easy to maintain for tenants. The floor is also easy to install in repair and conventional constructions.

Delivering value and performance
IVC Commercial’s solutions are made to deliver social housing projects an affordable floor. Providing a low-cost option throughout the life cycle, floors from IVC Commercial can reduce initial expenditure while providing a lasting surface that needs no specialist maintenance.

With products such as Comfytex Deluxe and LayRed 55, IVC Commercial develops solutions that respond to the need for floors that are easy to install in new and refurbishment projects. Potentially eliminating the time and expense of preparing subfloors and cutting out adhesives, these floors are easier and faster to install in almost all conditions.

Finishes have also been designed to make our social and affordable housing floors easier to look after. Protectonite for Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Hyperguard+ for Heterogeneous Vinyl floors provide better scuff and stain resistance, while also cleaning easy. Simpler maintenance that can be undertaken by the tenant is a good way to ensure a floor’s appearance over the long-term.

Made in Europe, all IVC Commercial floors are made to withstand use in commercial environments, so despite a welcoming home-life feel and comfort underfoot, they can endure in social housing, avoiding early replacement because of wear.  

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