Pipe and fire sprinkler boxing from UK Boxings

For more than 20 years, UK Boxings has been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of pipe boxing to meet the needs of social housing contractors, local authorities and housing associations requiring a quick, cost effective and robust method of concealing interior pipework.

Manufactured from 9mm thick moisture resistant MDF, our products are already used in ongoing repair, maintenance and improvement (RMI) projects to hide unsightly heating system pipework, boiler pipes and flues, as well as concealing fire sprinkler system pipework in high rise blocks.

pipe and fire sprinkler boxing

For projects where flame retardant boxing is specified, we have recently extended our range with our ‘Flame Retardant FR' sprinkler boxing option, which is manufactured from 12mm thick Euroclass B compliant material. Both ranges are available in two-sided ‘L’ shaped and three-sided ‘U’ shaped profiles.

For increased versatility when boxing in sprinkler pipework, both our FR and non-FR ranges are supported by a range of dedicated accessories, which includes internal and external corners, as well as stop ends, fixing battens and screws.

pipe and fire sprinkler boxing

Supplied in 2400mm lengths, as well as a 3050mm option for our non-FR range, each is available in 65 different standard profile sizes for easy selection, although bespoke dimensions can also be manufactured to order.

Quick to install, they can be easily cut to length and drilled to fit around the individual sprinkler heads, before securing using timber battens and screws, which also allows easy access for routine inspection and maintenance.

pipe and fire sprinkler boxing

Key facts:
•    Versatile solutions to cover most pipework installations
•    Comprehensive range of profile sizes and lengths
•    Manufactured from moisture resistant MDF
•    FSC® certified option available
•    Non-standard profiles and lengths available
•    Full range of dedicated accessories for standard and FR products
•    Cost-effective and easy to install – saves time on site

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