Traditional doors for 2024

doorsDoorCo is the leading innovator in the composite door supply chain and their products to date, have been installed in 10’s of 1,000’s of social housing homes via their network of specialist contractors. We catch up with DoorCo’s Technical and Sales Director, Ian Glenister on what we can expect from the composite door giant in 2024.

There’s little doubt that when you consider the style of most of the UK’s housing stock, traditional door styles are best suited to housing refurbishment, and this is reflected in the volume levels we consistently see through DoorCo. Although the design of new homes, even in the public sector, is becoming increasingly contemporary, taking inspiration from Europe and further afield, the data speaks for itself and we can see that traditional designs are clearly still on the rise in popularity.

When it comes to marketing and product innovation, DoorCo pride themselves on always being at the forefront of what’s new. Significant investment has been put into developing a new range of traditional designs that take inspiration from the old whilst delivering something new to market.  

Traditional doors reign supreme
Our new door slab, Eaton, is a perfect example. Not only have we created a fresh new door with enhanced design features like a new woodgrain finish, but we’ve also made supply better too. Eaton is the tallest, widest door we’ve created, measuring 950mm x 2100mm it supports accessible entrances and new house designs alike. Also, from just one door slab, 8 new traditional styles can be created, meaning supply is simplified enormously.

Eaton is a one-of-a-kind entry to the market that combines style and practicality. Inspired by best-selling designs such as Carnoustie, Lytham and Merion, we’re confident that the Eaton, Knightsbridge and Tatton will some climb the charts to become some of the new favourited traditional designs.


Making colour more relevant
A common trend we see across our customer base is designs which are a hybrid of traditional and modern, usually Traditional doors finished in modern shades. Unsurprisingly grey is the leading choice. DoorCo has added two more popular greys to our standard door colour range. Agate Grey and Slate join the ever-popular Anthracite Grey in the colour line up. For our customers, this means these popular shades are available on short lead times and carry no additional paint charges. For housing providers, these new shades can be added to your customer choices, allowing them more scope to personalise their homes.

It’s all in the detail
Taking this offer of personalisation one step further, DoorCo’s standard glass and hardware ranges have been refreshed too. For those that offer glazed doors, there’s a selection of hand-picked designs now available, which have never been seen before.

Silver and chrome hardware is also popular now, taking over from brass and matt black and there are options to suit in the DoorCo range.

The door colours, the hardware options and the glass styling all add to a sense that the front door is now more of a design feature of a house and it’s great to be able to offer this to all our customers.


Growth and Innovation
The biggest change at DoorCo this year is our UK expansion. As a supplier, DoorCo is well known as a major innovator in the market. To further this opportunity we’ve moved into an additional 20,000sq.ft. of space in Doncaster, with an option to grow into a further 60,000sq.ft.

This new facility is a natural progression for us as we seek to develop our family of brands and enhance the high performance and quality door products we’re renowned for. Doncaster includes a dedicated R&D Hub, providing us greater flexibility to create, test and trial more products right here in the UK. The space will also enable us to increase our UK manufacturing operations and will initially be dedicated to a new door product which will be available to the market soon.

When it comes to composite doors for social housing projects, DoorCo combined with our network of specialist commercial installers, is your perfect partner.

Images © Doorco