Dulux Trade launches bespoke Colour Sensor

Dulux Trade has launched a must-have tool for contractors to allow them to match the colour of multiple surfaces to Dulux Trade paint on site. 

The bespoke Dulux Trade Colour Sensor has been uniquely adapted for Dulux Trade to give far greater accuracy than other similar colour scanners.

The cutting-edge device, which is the approximate size of a 50 pence piece and weighs only 17 grams, will allow decorating contractors to make colour recommendations on the spot and accurately find the nearest Dulux Trade paint shades.

The durable sensor contains an integrated, rechargeable battery which provides more than 3,000 scans per charge and is operated via a free to use app using Bluetooth technology.

Contractors simply place the sensor on a surface: whether it is a wall, client's logo, or even a piece in a magazine or sales brochure and the app will show the closest Dulux Trade paint match. The colour matches can then be saved in a named project folder for easy reference; no matter how many differing colour choices are needed.

From hotels to housing developments and offices to large domestic projects, the pocket sized sensor can be used on the job to bring an array of surfaces to life; helping clients to make colour choices quickly and with confidence. Dulux Trade bespoke Colour Sensor

Paul Fleming, Marketing Manager Contractor Specifier at Dulux Trade, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer our own colour sensor - the easy to use device works seamlessly with a smartphone and will be an essential tool for commercial contractors on projects big and small. 

“Being able to offer instant colour matching on site will avoid the need to wait for colour experts to come out to site with colour matching instruments, saving contractors time and money.

“It is the culmination of a significant investment to help contractors make their business more efficient by supplying their teams with the latest equipment to exceed client expectations.”

The colour sensor compliments other Dulux Trade tools and services including the Dulux Trade Colour Schemer, Colour Palette Fandeck and Commercial Colour Services.

The Dulux Trade Colour Sensor is available to purchase in store and online at Dulux Decorator Centres and other participating decorating merchants across the UK, with a recommended retail price of £150. 
For more information, visit: www.duluxtrade.co.uk/sensor