Endurawood on the verge of UK launch

Euramax Solutions, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of PVCu windows and doors, has announced the launch of its new unique range of exterior cladding and outdoor living products for the construction market. Endurawood components are made of solid aluminium yet have the beautiful appearance of natural timber.

Barnsley-based Euramax Solutions has been manufacturing PVCu windows and doors for over 65 years and supplies to the modular, new build, holiday home, DIY and retail sectors across the UK. It is now able to offer its commercial clients a choice of aluminium products from decking, wall cladding, gates, pergolas, balustrades, handrails and more, all with the unique Endurawood appearance.

With a comprehensive range of finishes available, the range has all the style of wood with all the benefits of aluminium. Environmentally friendly, aluminium is a recyclable material and re-smelting only uses five per cent of the energy originally needed to produce the product. It’s benefits as a cladding material are huge, thanks to its Class A1 fire rated status and lightweight properties.

As well as being resistant to corrosion, Endurawood is also stain and scratch resistant to give it longevity that is vital in the construction industry. Unlike natural wood and steel grades, Endurawood is freeze and frost resistant as well as being non-slip, which makes it ideal for decked areas.New build house with Endurawood doors & windows

Already extensively used throughout the US, Asia, Australasia and Europe, Endurawood has a well-established supply chain and can offer full technical back-up and support to its customers. The range will also present a particular opportunity to the modular and offsite construction industries, as companies in each sector look to expand their existing portfolios.

“Being able to offer our customers a product like Endurawood will open up a huge variety of opportunities for them and us,” explained Euramax managing director, Nick Cowley. “Market trends are very changeable but one thing we are seeing is a greater awareness of sustainability. Products like Endurawood have the added advantage of being fully recyclable. Unlike fibrous, cement or timber products, the material is not sent for incineration or to become landfill at the end of its life.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to widen and improve on the products and service we offer to our customers. Endurawood not only gives our customers a high-quality durable product but also a wider design potential. We’re looking forward to working with our customers on their Endurawood projects and seeing the wide variety of ways it will be put to use.”

Endurawood will be launching this autumn. For more information about Euramax and their products, visit www.Euramax.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1226 361639