AkzoNobel championing improved indoor air quality

The rigours of modern life mean we may spend around 90% of our time indoors. Sadly however, the air in our homes can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. 

As UK homes become more airtight due to energy efficiency requirements, accumulated pollutants are being prevented from escaping. The concern for indoor air quality is increasing, not least because poor indoor air quality is linked to a host of serious health conditions and loss of life.

AkzoNobel championing improved indoor air quality

The topic of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a subject now being focussed upon by senior authorities when considering safe living and working environments. The ‘Biophilic office’ project sees a series of like-minded big hitters which includes AkzoNobel linking with the BRE to take part in a study related to the working environment. It’s hugely relevant and topical example of this focus indicating a strong, positive nod towards the environments we all live in, and something we all need to be aware of. To see the outline timing for the project and more information https://bregroup.com/services/research/the-biophilic-office/

There are many contributors to IAQ pollutants, unfortunately many come from traditionally used building materials, and can be generated by our normal living patterns in our living and working environments. Recognising this fresh focus, an increasing number of architects are seeing the importance of designing, building and equipping buildings with the infrastructure that minimises the presence of potentially harmful substances. Whilst this message is relatively low key in the UK, other parts of Europe and the world are embracing these initiatives to improve overall IAQ. 

At Blackburn-based coatings manufacturer AkzoNobel they take this seriously and are recognised for their efforts and achievements in the IAQ arena. AkzoNobel has recognised these market requirements and offers IAQ friendly alternatives to most of its more popular and traditional coating and adhesive systems.

Water Borne (WB) technology has long been considered the ‘friendliest’ of concepts. However, the market has traditionally been slow to adopt the use of WB systems, perhaps partially down to a change required in some procedures and partly due to a mis-trust in their levels of performance. In fact, the traditional way of improving the behaviour and performance of a single pack WB system to reach that of a more traditional solvent borne (SB) system has been to add a catalyst which often intensifies a ‘problem’ substance in an otherwise friendly recipe.

To see the range of AkzoNobel Water Borne products https://www.akzonobel-woodcoatings.com/products/waterborne.html#.W1ChiNJKjIU

AkzoNobel stands at the forefront of WB technology options, offering a full range of 1K and 2K WB products of varying finishes and sheens by way of their recently consolidated Aqualit range. With the development of its new resin concept, AkzoNobel’s Aqualit Colour AC T475 delivers a single pack 1K interior lacquer system with the levels of performance previously only available with dual component systems. AkzoNobel AC T475 is available in a full opaque range -satin lustre which can be tinted on the Aquaflex system and is available via the established network of nationwide distributors.

Despite the many positive benefits, it seems that the UK interior lacquer market has been slow to embrace WB technology, preferring the more traditional use of SB products. Constantly maintaining popularity is the Acid Curing family of products. AkzoNobel has, for many years, had a strong and valued presence in this traditional area and is a leading European supplier where it is most used, especially Scandinavia. Although major investment has been made by all leading coating manufacturers to reduce the level of formaldehyde in the Acid Curing products, Akzo Nobel has managed to achieve a truly formaldehyde free range of products. The Akzo Nobel FF Duracid range incorporates the Tintex system, which is available throughout its nationwide network of distributors, and allows the whole spectrum of opaque colours to be matched and tinted, alongside a full range of clears with varying sheen options.

To see the full range of AkzoNobel Acid Curing products