Everything you need to know about PVC-u windows

Windows not only have the ability to change the overall look of a house, but, depending on which material used, can impact ongoing energy efficiency, the level of upkeep required and home security. 

PVC-u is the most common material used for new and replacement windows; it’s cheaper than its timber and aluminium alternatives and the stats are impressive! It offers a cost effective and virtually maintenance free solution. Here, you can find everything you need to know about PVC-u windows in order to assess their suitability for your needs:


Aesthetics are often cited as a reason to steer clear from PVC-u windows. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Manufacturers such as Quickslide offer PVC-u windows in two styles: Sliding Sash and Casement, that keep with any style of home. As well as having the option to choose the most suitable style, it’s also possible to select any RAL colour, as well as well as being available in a Woodgrain effect – say goodbye to chunky off-white plastic windows!

Low maintenance

PVC-u windows are easy to care for and are virtually maintenance free, they hold no risk of warping or rusting; the majority of profiles these days are multi chambered and often surpass their rivals during industry standard testing.

To ensure they stay in their best condition possible, Quickslide recommend simply wiping down the PVC-u frames gently with soapy water when the homeowner sees fit. And to make it even easier, Quickslide PVC-u Sash Windows come with a slide and tilt facility as standard, allowing the homeowner to easily get access to both the inside and outside of the window.

Energy efficient

PVC-u windows perform well compared to their counterparts. They have better insulation profiles and are able to reduce energy and heating costs.

Building regulations do require that all newly installed windows achieve an energy rating of at least a ‘C’ in Window Energy Ratings (WER). There are companies that take this one step further, Quickslide PVC-u windows are available with an A+ energy rating. Their windows are not only among the highest quality products, there is also the option to include argon gas, making your home more energy efficient.

Everything you need to know about energy efficient PVC-u windows


As opposed to windows made of wood, PVC-u is proven to be very durable and its use life reaches around 40-50 years. This reduces waste and saves cost in the long term, as windows need replacing less often!


PVC-u windows are widely believed to be safe for keeping out unwanted visitors. Much of this is down to the lock and with the right type, PVC-u windows can be extremely safe, but it is important to check this. Quickslide are committed to ensuring the safety of homes and offer both the PAS 24 and ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation (enhanced security performance upgrades), adding true peace of mind for homeowners.


PVC-u window frames are produced out of particularly high-grade PVC, a long-life, high-grade plastic that is obtained through use of additives such as UV stabilisers, pigments and fillers. An advantage of these compounds is that they are re-cyclable.

PVC-u windows can be recycled safely and doing so saves thousands of tonnes of scrap from landfill sites. In theory, this means that old windows can be recycled a number of times and may even find themselves in new windows without a reduction in quality!

Is PVC-u for you?

If you want a window that is low in maintenance, energy efficient and secure, PVC-u can more than meet your needs. And remember, PVC-u windows come in various styles and can be coloured to successfully fit into the features of your home.