Shower solutions for Housing Associations

Pleasing all tenants all of the time can be notoriously difficult for Housing Associations. When it comes to the bathroom space, some want baths, some want showers; others need assisted-living products. Rules and regulations may prohibit a HA to fulfil all individual requirements, whilst a number can be approved with the involvement of social services. In this circumstance tenants may need to be assessed to justify their request and this can be a long process that needs sensitive handling. Online forums on the subject demonstrate the real issues that can be involved in supplying subsidised accommodation to those in need. Housing Associations work hard to manage and maintain high quality housing stock whilst balancing the demand for individual requests.

Saniflo Moonlight 900

There are also practical issues that have to be considered. Such as replacing a bath with a shower or upgrading a shower with minimum hassle. Most tenants require a solution that is quick, creates least stress and looks good. It’s no surprise that procurement managers often specify shower cubicles to meet their needs. Self-contained, all-in-one solutions that are simple, quick and cost-effective to install and can transform a shower space for a tenant with minimum fuss.
The Kinedo range from Saniflo offers a wide range of options that meets a broad criterion. For tenants that have limited mobility the Kinemagic Serenity +  is a bath replacement solution that delivers a walk-in shower with added features. Easy access is ensured thanks to an anti-slip low shower tray and well-positioned grab handle and an integrated safety bar can be used to help manoeuvre to the shower or the soft-close, fold down seat. A cool touch thermostatic valve has easily adjustable taps and connects via an easy clean smooth hose pipe to a magnetic shower handset which automatically clips to the rail. With internal white glass panels the unit is straightforward and fast to install and is a perfect solution for all the family.
The Kinedo Moonlight cubicle offers a slightly different proposition to HA’s in that it can be specified with any type of shower control to suit the needs of the tenant. It is available as a corner or quad and is a great solution when space is at a premium. It also has internal glass panels which sit over the top of the tray upstands to create a watertight area that requires no silicone. Not tiling or grout is required so this unit is again simple, quick and easy to install and can be used the moment it’s completed.
Two models often specified by housing providers include the Kineprime Contract and the Consort. These two models have durable plastic interiors sometimes preferred by procurement managers. The Contract is supplied with a thermostatic valve, handset and hose whilst the Consort is supplied with no shower valve or head.
The recent introduction of British Standard 5385-1, which included a change in regulations for tiling in wet areas, states that all substrates should now be waterproofed before tiling, even in domestic locations. Installers should now specify a suitable proprietary tanking membrane system for use for shower spaces with tiles and grout including wet rooms.
The good news for Housing Associations is that when specifying any of the Kinedo range of cubicles the regulations won’t apply thanks to the robust internal panelling systems which provide the ultimate protection from damp and leaks.
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