Wi-fi from BT helps Rochdale residents thrive

Could you live without the internet? Nowadays we go online to do everything from banking to the weekly shop. Life with internet access is simply more convenient. And more sociable too. Find out how we gave the internet a new home in Rochdale.

Wi-fi from BT helps Rochdale residents thrive

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing was disconnected
The government sees internet access as a fundamental part of our society. And it’s top of the Rochdale Boroughwide Housing’s (RBH) agenda for the same reasons.
In Greater Manchester alone, 14% of men and 11% of women are likely to experience social isolation. Not having wi-fi only adds to that stat. Lower income families need wi-fi too. Without it, they can’t find the best services and deals. No wonder the RBH wanted to get all of their residents connected.

Getting connected
We worked with RBH to put in a fast, free and secure wi-fi service for their tenants. Sorting everything from connection, to equipment, to cabling.
And to help residents get to grips with the web, we held Tech and Teach sessions. We taught basic IT skills like setting up email accounts and even hosted a workshop on staying safe online.

Giving residents a boost
Now everyone’s feeling more confident and comfortable online. Residents now use their devices to get on the web. Plus, they’re able to make their money go further by finding deals to suit them as well as having access to government services. And they can interact with family and friends, so it reduces social isolation.

If you’re interested in getting your residents connected:
Give us a call on: 0808 100 0656
And check us out online at: http://www.btwifi.com/wifi-for-business/