Pure fibre - fibre optics

Elfed Thomas is the founder and CEO of British Fibre Networks, a pure fibre network infrastructure provider. Here, he outlines why fibre networks are the next innovation in home building…

What do people expect from a new build home? Structural integrity, electricity supply, and access to clean water are some of the necessities that immediately spring to mind. Increasingly, however, good internet connection is being pushed towards the top of the “essential” pile and 54% of people moving into homes that have been newly built expect it to have been built with pure fibre connectivity. Currently, only 4% of UK homes have this.

Wi-fi from BT helps Rochdale residents thrive

Could you live without the internet? Nowadays we go online to do everything from banking to the weekly shop. Life with internet access is simply more convenient. And more sociable too. Find out how we gave the internet a new home in Rochdale.

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing was disconnected
The government sees internet access as a fundamental part of our society. And it’s top of the Rochdale Boroughwide Housing’s (RBH) agenda for the same reasons.