Employee spotlight: Matt Wilde from Langley Waterproofing Systems

Matt Wilde, Site Technician for Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd, discusses with Housing Association magazine his work both on and offsite, what he enjoys most about the role and its importance for social housing projects.

What is your role at Langley?

As site technician, I am a field-based resource available to Langley’s customers as part of our aftercare and maintenance service. Many years of on-site, hands-on installation experience enable me to conduct training sessions on the technical application of Langley products, as well as health and safety considerations.


Matt Wilde from Langley Waterproofing Systems

I had been a roofer for over 20 years, but decided to take a step back from the installation side of the job and focus on teaching the trade. I started training apprentices in flat roof installation and I later became a more specialist trainer, working with roofing suppliers to teach installers and contractors how to install company-specific roofing systems. This is how I was introduced to Langley – I used to train people on how to install its waterproofing systems. I was particularly impressed by the fact that Langley requires installers to be qualified in Langley system installation. As every roof and system is different, it is a great assurance that Langley installers are so knowledgeable.

I am a qualified teacher and also an industry Construction Ambassador – I am delighted to be able to inspire potential new entrants about the industry. I am able to convey what it’s like to work in construction and I feel privileged to share my journey with up and coming new recruits in an ever-changing industry.

What does a roof assessment entail?

My role is a field-based extension of the aftercare service Langley offers. When clients make us aware of any issue, we fully assess and diagnose a roof, even if the product or system causing the client’s issue is not a Langley system or product. 

When I arrive onsite, the first thing I do is assess any internal damage. This helps to locate the problem area once I am on the roof, and it gives me an indication of what the issue could be. Once I am up on the roof, I look to find the defect, work out what might have caused it and suggest resolutions. I also often fix the issue on site, avoiding the need for any escalation.

After a full inspection and assessment, I complete an extensive report and take photographic evidence of the problem area. This is made available to the client and the contractor for reference.

I take great pride in my work and would hate for a customer to be experiencing an issue and not have the reassurance that someone will be there to assess and aim to resolve it, so I always make sure I am on site within 72 hours. Response time is key for our social housing clients, as any damage could have a real impact on the residents if left untreated – something that we, as a company, look to reduce as much as possible.

Why is your role so crucial to clients in the social housing sector?

Ensuring that a roof is installed correctly is paramount – I have no doubt that Langley roofing systems are great quality but if the installation doesn’t go as planned, or there are subsequent issues after installation, then defects, unnecessary hassle and potential additional costs for the end client can occur.

Housing roof stock can be very multi-faceted with varying ages of roofs and potential issues around their end of life. A roof is a hidden, out of sight asset and it’s reassuring for a client to know that fully trained operatives install the roof system correctly in the first instance. Plus, they have peace of mind that their roof waterproofing system is guaranteed with durability up to 40 years.

My role is important, especially in social housing, as it ensures that there is a single, accountable resource to investigate and advise. This makes for a swift resolution in support of both the client and the contractor with little or no impact on the residents and their homes.

For more information on Langley Waterproofing Systems, see langley.co.uk