Spotlight on landlords will mean new regulations MUST be met

Howard Trotter, business manager of window and fire door manufacturer Shelforce, discusses stricter regulations and controls for property improvement and maintenance – and why landlords must meet them.

The evolving landscape of building regulations and safety standards is vital to make sure properties meet the highest standards to ensure all residents live in safe, secure, and well-maintained buildings.

Changes such as the new Construction Bill, spearheaded by Michael Gove in October 2023, and the Building Safety Act mark a turning point for tenant safety and living standards. Designed to bring more accountability to landlords, both empower tenants and enforce stricter regulations for property improvement and maintenance to foster a culture of safety across the built environment.


Safeguarding residents and properties
Key to the new regulations is providing tenants with safe, secure and warm places to live and as social landlords, housing associations have a responsibility to ensure this is the case.

Robust fire safety measures in all multi-occupancy dwellings and high-rise residential buildings prioritise tenant safety, and fire door manufacturers must provide a Field of Application (FOA) for test evidence with fire doors having to be third party audited for fire and security compliance and have third party certification.

Landlords will be required to improve the energy efficiency of their properties with energy efficient upgrades on windows and doors to create a more comfortable living environment for tenants and help the country on its route to net zero. There will also be a crack down on damp and mould issues to ensure healthy living conditions for all.


Falling foul
Increased regulator power and stricter responsibilities will mean housing associations and local councils face increased scrutiny as regulators will be allowed to put landlords under more pressure and hold them accountable for non-compliance to promote accountability and protects tenant rights.
Any upgrades, whether it happens to be fire doors or windows, will be scrutinised and they will have to ensure products are bang on. If fire doors do not meet the standard, for example, or they have been fitted without a FOA, then they will fall foul of the law.

With more power, housing regulators will demand they be replaced and can put councils or housing associations on controlled regulatory measures, so they will be audited every month until the problem is rectified, and the products meet the correct standard.


Full compliance and safeguarding
Understanding the complexities of regulations and compliance can be daunting for landlords and councils. At Shelforce, we have worked on a huge number of housing association projects and projects for local councils, from high rises to new builds, providing windows, doors and fire doors that have been tested and certified to help housing associations and social landlords meet the new standards, and can be professionally and correctly installed to ensure regulatory compliance and peace of mind.

Our industry-leading, fully compliant Fireshel 30-minute fire, smoke, and security resistant door delivers superior fire protection, while our high-performance windows deliver exceptional thermal efficiency, reducing heating bills for tenants and meeting the energy efficiency criteria.

As a result, we have developed several long-term partnerships with housing associations and local authorities as trusted manufacturers to make sure the right products are being specified for the right project so they can not only adhere to the new regulations but also create a safer, more comfortable, and energy-efficient living environment for residents, allowing them to invest in the well-being of their tenants and the value of their property.

With increased scrutiny from regulators, choosing compliant solutions isn’t just an option, it’s a necessity.

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