NEW Marley SolarTile® - integrated PV roof system

In response to increasing focus on sustainable solutions to support the UK target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, Marley has launched its Marley SolarTile® range. The integrated photovoltaics (PV) system offers sleek aesthetics, design flexibility, easy installation, industry leading weather and fire performance and energy cost savings, all covered by a 15-year guarantee.

integrated roof system

Choice and options
The Marley SolarTile® range comprises of three sleek, low-profile PV16 solar panels for roof integration which offer greater kerb appeal and enhanced aesthetics. Each is available in a range of power output and styles.  The range covers the Monocrystalline – black 320Wp, the Monocrystalline – black 300Wp and the Polycrystalline – black 270Wp.

Specification, aesthetics, and performance
As the Marley SolarTile® range integrates perfectly with the full Marley roof system and all tile types, social housing providers can also benefit from the reassurance of Marley’s 15-year guarantee when the panels are installed as part of a complete roof system.

The range also provides exceptional wind resistance performance, with double fixing to battens and trusses, making it suitable for installation in all UK locations. The outstanding resistance against wind uplift delivers industry leading performance, with the highest rated wind loading of any roof integrated solar system on the market.

Finally, Marley SolarTile® is the only roof integrated PV system accredited with the highest resistance to spread of flame and fire penetration across all current European fire tests, giving you extra peace of mind.

Easy installation for new builds and retrofit projects
Roof integrated solar panels, like Marley SolarTile®, can be installed easily in any new roof application. The solar panels and flashings can be fitted to the roof first and then the roof covering can be fixed around them.

Integrated solar panels are also highly applicable for retrofit projects. Simply removing a patch of tiles and installing the solar panels leaves spare, perfectly matched tiles available for any future roof repairs. As well as being easy and simple to fit, the installation time for Marley SolarTile® is quick. The patented connection of simply pushing the panels together to create a weather-tight and secure fixing means installation can be less than one hour per kilowatt-peak.

Stuart Nicholson, Director of Roof Systems for Marley, comments: “Backed by the Marley 15-year system guarantee, our new solar range achieves exceptional fire performance, wind resistance and weather tightness and is the perfect answer for any solar roof vision. According to the Energy Savings Trust, a typical home could save between 1.3 and 1.6 tonnes of carbon per year and make a saving of up to £260 on the annual electricity bill by installing solar panels which is a real benefit for tenants.

As the Government continues to work towards its sustainability targets, it is encouraging to see that social housing landlords are eligible for the Green Homes Grant scheme, which will see low-income homes receive vouchers to cover 100 per cent of the costs of energy efficient home improvements, up to the value of £10,000.

While the scheme offers a needed boost for the construction industry, a longer-term strategy is now required to ensure its success. Current information suggests the Green Homes Grant scheme will only be available until March 2021; however the ongoing skills shortage affecting the construction industry may mean that, despite its best efforts, the sector is simply unable to meet the increased demand for these improvements and retrofit projects.

A holistic view of the issue is important to ensure its success, one that sees manufacturers work alongside social housing providers and tradespeople to develop solutions with energy efficiency at their heart. At Marley, we remain committed to developing new products which support this mission. Our solar range offers an effective roof solution which helps tenants benefit from lower energy bills and helps make a positive contribution to efforts to create more sustainable housing.

With the latest Government announcements, plus ongoing consultations surrounding the Future Homes Standard, we believe demand for reliable and high performing alternative materials, including solar panels, is set to significantly increase.  However, supporting those working in the construction industry to successfully deliver these solutions will ultimately be key to the overall success.”

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