shortage in housing supply

Development of brownfield sites: what you need to know

Since 2008 the number of new households in the UK has continued to exceed the number of new homes built, giving rise to the current shortage in housing supply, and creating the urgent need for a period of sustained development within new house building.

The Government has set two clear targets in relation to house building supply; to deliver 1 million new homes by 2020, and to provide 240,000 homes in 2016.

In the need to identify suitable land, the safe development of housing on brownfield sites will be fundamental in achieving the objectives set by government. A. Proctor Group Ltd has over twenty years’ experience in providing solutions for the safe development of brownfield land, and has extended its range of ground gas protection products to include Protech VOC Flex, a new and innovative solution in membrane technology, specifically to make the development of these sites safer and easier.