TV presenter and architect George Clarke looks at the global shortage of construction materials.

The global pandemic has been difficult for everyone. I still remember the turmoil in the first few weeks of the national lockdown with everyone trying to work out what we could do and couldn’t do.

Construction was allowed to continue and was seen as ‘essential work’ to the UK economy.

However, there was still massive disruption across the industry. Fearful of catching the virus some construction workers simply wouldn’t turn up to work, others found it difficult to travel to physically get to site.
Some would catch the virus and have to self-isolate for weeks, others would catch the virus and not make it through. My heart goes out to anyone who lost a friend or relative to Covid.

Concrete blocks are being championed by Better Built in Blockwork

Housing Association magazine editor Victoria Galligan asked Chris Stanley, Housing Manager at Modern Masonry, about why specifiers should be choosing concrete blocks…

There’s obviously a lot more to concrete blocks than meets the eye! How long have you worked for Modern Masonry, and what are the best aspects of your job? 

I joined fairly recently, but I think the name of the association, Modern Masonry embodies the best aspects of the job perfectly. Masonry is an essential set of materials which (quite literally) run through the fabric of society. The current media and policy focus on housebuilding really allows us to champion its benefits and promote our highly-skilled members. It is also a forward-thinking organisation, always looking to new methods and solutions which will have a positive impact on the masonry manufacturing industry and, by association, the wider UK construction industry. I’m excited to see how, as my role develops, I’ll be evolving alongside the Modern Masonry brand.