Brand new INCA - growing its reputation for EWI excellence


University of Liverpool redevelopment scheme:
INCA members -  Sto Ltd (system designer) & Precision Facades Ltd (contractor)

These are exciting times for INCA, the Insulated Render and Cladding Association, the trade association solely focused upon external wall insulation (EWI), a cladding form used in both refurbishment and new build sectors. The market for EWI is seeing a healthy growth, membership of INCA is flourishing and in its 40th year, the association is now launching a new brand image to propel it into its next phase of development.

Within the public sector, INCA provides a valuable service to building professionals through the supply of essential information and guidance and a directory of members able to tackle residential and commercial buildings in need of fabric improvements in their energy efficiency. Through the use of high performing insulation and a range of facade finishes, low, mid and high rise buildings can be improved beyond recognition. INCA is an association representing specialists of all sizes with a track record of professional knowledge and experience.

External wall insulation is a technology employing insulation boards fixed to either masonry walls in a refurbishment setting, or to the sheathing layer of new build schemes built with steel framing or with a concrete frame with SFS infill. Beyond these common construction types, other less prominent building methods such as timber frame, ICF and offsite construction can also benefit from the use of EWI. System designers of EWI systems provide project-specific specifications outlining the adhesive and mechanical fixings of the insulation boards and the systems are finished with either high-grade decorative coatings or brick slip finishes.


 Bristol refurbishment:
INCA member - SERS (contractor)

External Wall Insulation is an energy-saving, fabric-first measure targeted in various central and devolved Government schemes, the most recent being the Green Homes Grant Scheme, particularly the local authority delivery model  (LAD) for low income homes and the various Decarbonisation schemes including the recent Social Housing Demonstrator pilots awarded to 19 schemes totalling £62M. With the existing UK housing stock requiring far more penetration of solid wall energy upgrades than has been achieved to date, these funding streams highlight external wall insulation as a primary measure.

INCA has remained the leading representative for the external wall insulation industry since the technology became a widely recognised form of improving the energy efficiency of buildings over four decades ago. Throughout this period, technical standards and workmanship excellence have been the central themes to INCA’s membership criteria and the association now operates three membership types: System Designers - those companies designing, manufacturing and supplying  certified EWI systems to meet different construction methods; Contractors - the nationwide network of specialist contracting businesses installing EWI systems for new build, social housing and commercial sectors and; Associates - companies manufacturing and supplying key components that are used in the supply of EWI systems and other key partners in the industry. In essence, INCA comprises the premier players within the EWI industry and these are listed on the INCA website.

Membership of INCA is open to companies operating within the industry that can demonstrate meeting critical criteria in terms of competence in their activities, health and safety, quality and management processes, financial and insurance and operating by the INCA Code of Professional Conduct, providing external stakeholders with assurance that membership of INCA has passed these important standards. Members value their membership and many are actively involved in INCA Committees which include Technical, Training and Marketing. In particular, the Technical Committee, comprising the best in technical knowledge in the industry, produces a range of free-to-access documents valuable to external readership with the latest being Fire Guidance, a comprehensive guide to fire protection in relation to EWI and especially high rise buildings. Technical guides which continue to be well-received include EWI Best Practice, Windload Design Considerations and PAS 2030 and 2035 Guidance. The INCA website is the go-to place for technical knowledge.


Fleetwood Regeneration project:
INCA member - Alsecco (system designer)

As an INCA member, there are numerous benefits associated with membership. INCA regularly updates its members with important updates of issues relating to industry news and matters affecting the wider construction industry by virtue of its active relationship with BuildUK and EAE, the European association for EWI. Membership of INCA illustrates a commitment to professionally developing the industry and presents members with the opportunity to engage, either directly or indirectly through the INCA Board, with Government and other key policy makers. INCA members are particularly concerned with the availability of skilled labour and INCA is pressing for action to build a competent workforce through upskilling and apprenticeships. Expert advice and support is available to members and membership is able to contribute to the acceptance by guarantee agencies such as SWIGA. Undoubtedly one of the prime benefits of INCA membership for any organisation is is the power it brings in generating more work, whether it be a specifier looking to choose a system for a new project or a householder, private or social landlord seeking a competent installer. INCA and its members know that a healthy association leads to a better overall industry.

A prized asset of INCA is the long-established INCA Awards, an annual event which showcases the best of the EWI industry. With a wide range of awards categories, the INCA awards represent the best in the industry and competition is tough in the notable project categories. Last year’s winners included a high rise, extremely low energy refurbishment scheme, a non-traditional housing retrofit project, a new student accommodation complex with a brick finish and a large new build school. INCA encourages entries from both members and clients, as long as members were involved in the scheme. It is a tremendous platform for a registered landlord to highlight the superb workmanship and solution to energy efficiency transforming tired and neglected buildings. This year’s awards are now open to entries for any schemes completed since early 2020.

As INCA enters its 40th year it has taken the opportunity to refresh its brand to reflect certain key elements of the association and the industry at large. The new logo has a fresh outlook with the tones of green pointing to the key sustainability message of fabric-first energy efficiency, and the lines incorporated in the logo describing the key component layers within a typical EWI system. A new, vibrant management team at INCA will use the new branding to drive awareness amongst clients searching for quality-driven, competent and knowledgable specialists in external wall insulation.


Leeds Refurbishment scheme:
INCA member - Structherm Ltd (system designer)


“As an installer, INCA provides helpful industry information and enables me to promote my schemes through their annual awards.”
Malcolm Smith, WSF Contracts

“INCA Technical Committee work tirelessly and enthusiastically, always looking for ways to improve and support the EWI industry and making a significant contribution to it.”
Julian Taylor, Structherm Ltd

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