CIBSE CPD courses now available from Panasonic


4 CIBSE Accredited CPDs running:
• Principles of Air Conditioning - an overview of Splits/VRF Technology
• Overview of F-Gas and R32 Regulations
• Gas-fired Heat Pump (GHP) Technology
• An introduction to Air to Water Technology


The team at Panasonic has introduced a series of interactive, online accredited CIBSE CPD courses to enhance skills during these unprecedented times. The CPD courses have been developed by Panasonic and support learning in a variety of heating and cooling disciplines.
Panasonic’s CPD programme has been running throughout the year either at the company’s Bracknell HQ or in various locations around the UK and have been presented by the experienced and knowledgeable team at Panasonic. However, during these extraordinary times, these courses are now available in a digital format, using the video conferencing facilities via Microsoft Teams.


Mick Langford - Specified Sales Manager at Panasonic commented, “We recognise that times are challenging, with numerous people working from home, and looking to find ways of keeping busy.  With many of our tools available through the Panasonic ProClub, we have also looked at our technical support and educational resources. We are pleased to be able to provide access to our training sessions by running the programme online, and judging by the initial comments, the sessions are proving useful.”
A recent delegate, Tyrone Lawson, Mechanical Associate of BSGUK who participated in the Gas-Fired Heat Pumps CPD commented, “I found the session to be very useful. The details provided were very clear along with the options available. The technical back up information to my queries was excellent and delivered very promptly.”
There is currently a choice of four accredited CIBSE CPDs that are running during April and May and are so far proving very popular. The sessions typically last approximately one hour and are free to participate. Delegates need to register in advance and are given the chance throughout the session to interact and ask questions.

Overview of accredited CIBSE CPDs available

Principles of Air Conditioning – Overview of Splits/VRF Technology
This is an introduction to the principles of air conditioning. The session details the fundamentals of air conditioning and goes on to describe the refrigeration cycle, heating and cooling load calculations, system components and unit selections.
An Introduction to Air to Water Technology

This CPD looks at using heat pumps to heat water and compares these systems to traditional gas boilers and further provides advice into system design and components. The session also goes through calculating heat losses in houses and sizing heat emitters.
Overview of F-Gas and R32 Technology
This presentation explores the history of refrigerants and provides an overview of the F-Gas Regulations and phase-down dates. It also explains the benefits of R32 along with factors to consider when using this refrigerant.
Overview of Gas Heat Pumps (GHP) Technology
The history and development of using gas as the power source for a VRF system. The CPD explains why this type of solution may be considered as an alternative to electric. The session compares the two options and details the design of the system.
The next available dates are:
23 April   Principles of Air Conditioning – Overview of Splits/VRF
29 April   Principles of Air Conditioning – Overview of Splits/VRF
30 April   Overview of F-Gas and R32 Technology
04 May    Principles of Air Conditioning – Overview of Splits/VRF
05 May    Overview of Gas Heat Pump (GHP) Technology
07 May    An Introduction to Air to Water Technology
13 May    Principles of Air Conditioning – Overview of Splits/VRF
If you are interested in participating any of the above sessions please email or call  01344 853393 where you will be given the appropriate details to join the session.
For more information, please visit the Panasonic website