Cladding that works


System selection should be based on proven performance and delivered by a specialist contractor with outstanding track record.
d+b facades A1 non-combustible fire-rated system has demonstrated its performance for more than 30 years on projects with zero deterioration. Self-cleaning surfaces and no requirement for maintenance ensure that buildings retain their as-new appearance for the 60+ years design life of the system.


Castle Court, Sheffield 2020 image of 1990 cladding that meets 2020 standards

High-rise residential refurbishment projects are challenging requiring experience, knowledge and expertise. d+b facades fully integrated turn-key service from design through delivery makes a complex process simple resulting in certainty of project outcomes. All their projects are delivered on time, on budget and with minimal disruption.
d+b facades make buildings fire-safe, transform their appearance, substantially reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions and enhance their value. Importantly, the lives of residents and those of generations to come are improve by providing contemporary, high-quality accommodation.

Click here to view Wellington Close project video which demonstrates how d+b facades do this and hear from the residents themselves.

“d+b facades are experts in their field, professional in their approach and very busy making a complex process look simple,” says GCS Estate Management Greg Smyth, Director.


Wellington Close Estate, 3 ten-storey high-rise blocks with adjoining two-storey low-rise blocks


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