Ensuring that materials used on buildings are fire resistant is more important than ever, especially for residential buildings above 18m (11m in Scotland) in height, where UK building regulations now require the use of incombustible materials that resist the spread of fire.

KEIM silicate paints are fire resistant to the highest Euronorm classification (EN13501-1), with a classification of A2-s1, d0, ideal for specifiers, contractors, housing associations and councils involved with decoration and refurbishment of high rise buildings in the UK, to ensure compliance with current fire regulations.


Removal and replacement of lead water supply pipes is not only good for occupiers’ health, but part of UK water companies ‘Green Recovery Programme’.


Decorative casings and boxing products from UK Boxings have been used by housing associations and local authorities for well over 20 years to hide heating system, boiler, and fire sprinkler pipework to help improve a project’s finish, reduce time on site and save money.


EJOT’s growing range of innovative solutions for the installation of ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems) – also known as EWI (External Wall Insulation) systems – is playing an increasingly important role in enabling quality and performance to be optimised in external envelope refurbishment and new build projects. Mark Newell, EJOT UK’s ETICS specialist explains why.

social housing

Invicta Construction Finishes, a member of the CorkSol Independent Approved Applicator Network, have worked with North Yorkshire Council on a number of their social housing properties.


Since this announcement in January 2022, major water companies have been developing plans to upgrade the UKs water supply and reduce current usage from 150 litres per person per day to 110.  

Groundbreaker will be a major contributor to this new infrastructure.  Surface mounted metering and flow reduction are integral parts of major water companies new plans, and Groundbreaker’s unique products are an essential part of the new style infrastructure.



The wide range of innovative products and systems offered by today’s window and door industry may provide housing specifiers with the scope to achieve their performance goals effectively on paper without focusing on the minor components used in their manufacture. However, the reality could be very different.

Reputable window and door manufacturers always have a clear procurement strategy for fasteners, so they know the products they use are fit for purpose. But what are the most important considerations specifiers need to be aware of when it comes to window fasteners?