metal pipe boxing

Where external pipework needs to be concealed and protected against the risk of accidental damage, vandalism or theft, Encasement’s Arma metal pipe boxing provides a tough and versatile solution that also improves aesthetics and adds a uniform finish to the project.

Already widely used in a range of social housing refurbishment applications to conceal and protect simple vertical and horizontal pipe runs, as well as more complex district heating and central boiler installations, Arma can help improve security on projects at risk from damage.


pipe boxing

The Pendock Profiles range of pipe boxing and casing solutions is one of the most comprehensive available for social housing projects. Each product is like a specialised ‘tool’ designed for a specific purpose, but also versatile enough to be used on a range of pipe boxing applications.

Incorporating the MXF, MX and TK pipe boxing, dedicated to concealing all types of unsightly pipework, alongside BC boiler casings, CH channel boxing and the strong CHM and MXM metal boxing for external use, the range covers everything that’s required.



UK Boxings’ decorative casings and boxing products have been used by housing associations and local authorities for more than 20 years to hide fire sprinkler, heating system and boiler pipework to help reduce time on site and save money.

Water supply

Frost is the greatest threat to water services throughout the winter.  UK Water Regulations require any fitting or apparatus to be correctly insulated to prevent frost, unless in a location that is heated for more than 12 hours a day [2]. It seems obvious when you are scraping the ice from the car on a frosty morning. However, the insurance claims show that many homeowners, landlords and occupiers seem to be unaware of this requirement.

In the worst-case scenario, the replacement of water supply pipes is required.  Traditionally this has required major excavations outside a property and usually a great deal of disruption and trauma within, over several days and possibly weeks – inevitably at high cost.


System selection should be based on proven performance and delivered by a specialist contractor with outstanding track record.
d+b facades A1 non-combustible fire-rated system has demonstrated its performance for more than 30 years on projects with zero deterioration. Self-cleaning surfaces and no requirement for maintenance ensure that buildings retain their as-new appearance for the 60+ years design life of the system.



Leading PVCu and aluminium window and door supplier to the social housing sector, Nova Group, has invested in new technology and supply chain partnerships to offer customers even greater product quality and performance.
The Altrincham based company, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, provides a wide range of PVCu and aluminium solutions to social housing providers, the commercial sector and retail customers, including conservatories and secondary window systems. As a provider of both frames and sealed units, Nova Group has full control over supply which means it can apply strict quality control and put continuous improvement at the heart of its strategy.



To complete an award-winning renovation scheme, the London Borough of Islington retained a tried and tested team to deliver a continued single source of accountability of estate refurbishment.

Thus, residents in Salisbury Walk on the Girdlestone Estate are benefitting from improved thermal and natural light performance, guaranteed to last for decades.
The renovation of the estate’s roofs won the Reinforced Bituminous Membrane category in the 2018 Roofing Awards. The award-winning team of Mears Group plc, Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd, and Langley Approved Contractor Opus Waterproofing Solutions Ltd was utilised to deliver this latest phase.