CorkSol - a sustainable retrofit solution for the UK’s building stock

There is a real need to ensure we have a retrofit program that provides a sustainable solution for the existing UK building stock.

Buildings contribute 39% of global energy related carbon emissions [1], with the majority (28%) coming from operational emissions. This means that over a quarter of total carbon emissions are from the need to heat and power our homes.

With the UK having one of the oldest housing stocks in Europe, it presents an opportunity for sustainable retrofit, especially as the age of our existing homes means many don’t perform at their best.

Many of the issues that arise due to this poor performance can cause harm to inhabitants by seriously affecting their health, putting them at risk of physical harm or injury, or causing distress at unsightly and dangerous mould growth or rotting materials.

But through retrofit, it is possible to use greener, more sustainable materials to help reduce household energy bills and make homes healthier whilst limiting the impact on climate change.

And there is a solution.


CorkSol UK distribute SprayCork, a sustainable and eco-friendly sprayed cork coating for walls and ceilings which reduces heat loss though walls and helps to eliminate mould and condensation.

It has thermal properties that help reduce heat loss - meaning carbon emitting heating systems are used less. And research has been done to back this up - when used as an internal wall coating, a sprayed cork solution has been proven to reduce heat loss through solid walls by 30% [2], which is a significant amount of heat staying within the property.

And these thermal properties also help in the fight against condensation, damp, and mould. As the indoor air quality is impacted by mould, with increases in the risk of allergic reactions, respiratory problems and immune issues that come with mould, finding a solution that prevents these in the first place is crucial.


Along with improving ventilation and heating, it is also possible to treat the walls. SprayCork is a moisture-resistant coating that prevents moisture from gathering on them, damp forming, and mould developing;

• Damp resistant
By adding a damp-resistant layer to walls, SprayCork doesn’t moisture to gather on the surface, eliminating the environment for mould to grow.

• Breathable
The coating is also completely breathable, so it doesn’t trap moisture inside your home – or those of your tenants.

As it is a spray applied coating, it reduces waste – meaning less is sent to landfill. And as it’s a flexible material, SprayCork doesn’t crack. This makes it virtually maintenance free and reduces the need for repairs.

And, as it is harvested from the cork oak tree, with no trees felled, it really is one of the most natural and sustainable building materials available, making it the ideal solution for retrofitting the UK’s homes.


Images © CorkSol UK