Cornerstone's Property MOT: raising social housing standards and resident aspirations

A Property MOT® serves to identify the best-practice and innovative approach upholding necessary changes in culture, behaviour and approach.

Uniformly certifying the health of a building will not only confirm the structural condition but, provide expert guidance to meet the new challenges demonstrating a zero-tolerance to damp and mould.

David Bly, Director of Cornerstone Professional Services (UK) Ltd, the company behind the development and introduction of the Property MOT® system explains why the process is key to delivering the changes in a uniform process.

property MOT

“We are fully aware of the challenges landlords and residents face when dealing with a damp, condensation and mould issue. And, is our opinion there is a disconnect with the remedial approach by landlords when attempting to resolve a complaint. This includes key skills appointed to undertake repairs or seek a likely reason with limited knowledge of the structural behaviour alongside those of residents.

The Property MOT® platform delivers a strategic framework for landlords that can be embedded within and improve the existing complaint protocol process. It identifies and confirms structural conditions in a proactive manner enabling landlords to diagnose and confirm any contributory issues for the residents everyday healthy living.

And, with a defined reporting system that can utilised by existing management software, landlords can readily generate and access historical trend data for structural types, their geographical location and orientation alongside the provision of embedded SMART Knowledge for recognising building behaviour with credible advice provided for each resident."

Property MOT

Why do Property MOT®’s?
Certify the health of a property on commencement of a lease  -  Homes Act 2018
Certify the health of a property during the lease term  -  Homes Act 2018
A futuristic innovative and proactive strategic framework for landlords
A consolidated and transparent process aligned to Better Decision Making
Upholding a positive resident interaction and the pre-action protocol process.

Embedded SMART Knowledge results in..
SMART landlords making….SMART decisions resulting in….SMART cost savings based upon SMART repairs.

At last…a data driven proactive approach to managing property health

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property MOT