Digistat Universal Thermostats for Social Housing


Introducing the new Digistat – an innovative range of universal wired and wireless digital thermostats. Bridging the gap between traditional and smart heating controls, the new Digistat is simply smarter. Providing accessible and easy-to-use heating controls for all tenants with differing requirements in just four variants.
Made for fighting fuel poverty
Over 50% of a home’s energy consumption is used for heating and hot water. The new Digistat from Drayton has been developed with simplicity in mind, to ensure homeowners can benefit from optimum control and lower energy bills. Load Compensation can save up to 10% on the annual energy bill (approx. £54), and by using the smart phone to control the heating, users can save an additional 30% per year (approx. £33). The new Digistat can therefore save tenants a total of £87 on their annual bill.

Rest assured that these features mean the new Digistat meets Boiler Plus requirements, enabling maximum efficiency for home heating.

Made for everyone
The beauty of the new Digistat is its versatility, making it suitable for any type of tenant. This universal solution offers 7 day, 5/2 day, 24hr programmable settings or it can operate as a simple room thermostat. With just four simple variants, this means reduced van stock. Optional app control via a Bluetooth connection makes the new Digistat suitable for those who just want basic heating control, to those who are more tech-savvy. The Wiser app also gives tenants with less mobility the ability to have better control of the heating from their phone. Audible feedback and recessed buttons make this a perfect solution for vulnerable tenants and those with visual impairments.

"This product would be great for those who want a simple-to-use programmable thermostat. Its temperature adjustment buttons that require minimal pressure make it ideal for those with dexterity impairments.”
- Research Institute for Disabled Customers (RIDC)


Made for app control
Building on the success and popularity of the Wiser Home app, the Digistat uses the same intuitive app to control heating and hot water when at home. Bluetooth connectivity means there’s no need for Wi-Fi connection and app is optional. Tenants have the added reassurance that their system can only be controlled from within the property thanks to the secure, local Bluetooth connection. New tenants moving in can simply download the app and pair with the Digistat, any previous connections are disregarded.

Ease of use of the Wiser Home app has been rated the top feature by customers, making heating control simpler. Better control of home heating means maximum comfort, minimum energy usage and reduced energy bills
Made for all applications
Whether the install is one zone or two, combi or conventional gas or oil boiler, heat pump or electrical heating, we’ve got you covered with the new Digistat. Developed with social housing in mind, every variant can be set up to use the Service Interval feature. New, yet reassuringly familiar, installation is as easy as ever
Made for energy efficiency
• Away Mode – set the heating back for when you’re not at home to save up to 24% heating an empty house.
• Timed Away Mode – If you’ve got a holiday booked, you can set your heating to turn off when you leave, and back on when you come home, making sure you return to a cosy house. Simply set the times and dates in your app.
• Delayed Start – where the system learns the thermal profile of the home and can save up to 10% energy use.
Made for sustainability
As the drive towards Net Zero accelerates, we must all play our part to make a difference. Schneider Electric have been ranked the world’s most sustainable company by Corporate Knights, and at Drayton, sustainability underpins everything we do. From inception, the new Digistat has been designed with sustainability in mind:
• Optimised for heat pumps and electric heating
• Green Premium product
• Supplied in recyclable cartons
• Recyclable plastic
• Minimum use of in-box paper guides
• Responsibly managed supply chain
• Zero to landfill manufacturing site
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