Encasement’s simple, quick & cost-effective pipe boxing

The Encasement range of pipe boxing and casings for social housing is widely used across the UK to conceal interior and exterior pipework in fire sprinkler installations, heating system upgrade projects and low carbon district heating schemes.

Versa pre-formed pipe boxing is already installed in countless retrofit fire sprinkler projects to cover pipework in flats, lobbies and corridors, while for applications requiring a flame retardant solution, Versa FR pipe boxing provides an ideal solution.

pipe boxing

For heating system refurbishment, there’s no quicker, easier or more cost-effective method of concealing unsightly skirting level pipework than with the Riva pre-formed pipe boxing, while boiler pipework, valves and flues can be hidden simply with Encasement’s ex-stock or bespoke boiler pipework casings.

All of Encasement’s plywood boxings and casings are manufactured, as standard, from EUTR/UKTR compliant sustainably sourced timbers, although an FSC® certified option is also available within the range. Also, as they are pre-finished in white melamine, they don’t require painting, which saves time and money on site.

pipe boxing

Where external gas supply and distributed heating system pipework needs protecting from accidental damage, tampering or vandalism, Arma metal boxing provides a tough and durable solution. They are also increasingly being used to conceal pipework associated with air source or ground source heat pump installations.

Manufactured from strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminium, Arma profiles can be readily secured to external walls using heavy-duty aluminium angle brackets and suitable fixings.

pipe boxing