A little bit of extra care with hygienic handrail system

SG System Products Limited have re-launched their Strading handrail as Strading-hygienic, which is now a stainless-steel handrail coated with an anti-bacterial – anti-microbial coating.

SG System Products Limited specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of a range of handrail and balustrade systems for the public, educational, healthcare, commercial and private building applications.

hygienic handrail

Handrail is a product which is often taken for granted in a building, yet it has a very important purpose. Not only does it give support to a person using the handrail or as a barrier, but it also can help with the non-transference of germs.
The Strading-hygienic handrail is an inclusive design and has an anti-bacterial - anti-microbial coating that contains an agent which kills or prevents the growth of microorganisms. These anti-microbials work at a cellular level by continually disrupting and preventing the growth of micro-organisms.
Bacteria can survive on hard surfaces for many months and as handrails are naturally used by many people in a day, they are continuously available to transmit infections.
Strading – hygienic gives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week protection. As a result, the coating, once applied, continues to work for the life of the handrail coating. Subsequently there is no need for any “top up” protection of the handrail. Cross contamination is therefore reduced to an absolute minimum.
The handrail is coated stainless steel available in two sizes, 42mm dia., which is DDA compliant, and 48mm dia. There is a range of colours to suit various backgrounds thereby enabling the handrail to be a contrasting colour to the background which helps those with a sight disability. All handrails are suitable for both interior and exterior applications and can also be retro fitted to replace existing, non-compliant or impractical handrails.
Strading-hygienic handrail has the option of being fitted to any of SG System Products balustrades and is ideal for a basic entrance barrier, queuing rail, corridor handrails, ramps, staircase balustrade or balconies.
There is a very good price range. As the handrail can be fitted to a variety of balustrade designs this naturally means that once the balusters (posts) and infill designs have been selected, an accurate price can be given. From a basic entrance barrier or corridor rail through to a prestigious staircase, Strading- hygienic handrail is priced to suit the design and is an excellent choice.
Wherever there is a public or communal area that needs “extra care” in healthcare, education, commercial, public, food industry, private or prestigious buildings, in fact almost any building, there is a Strading-hygienic design to meet the requirement.
SG System Products design the product to suit each individual location then send the drawings to the client for their approval. Once the approval is received the product is manufactured and installed to the approved drawings. This ensures the client knows that the installed product is in accordance with the approved drawing.
SG System Products are continuing with product development by currently working on the development of their extremely successful Stargard (the original not cold to the touch handrail) system, to enable it to become a hygienic handrail option.

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