GRS-DUO-15: Helping you to achieve Future Homes and Buildings Standard

Heat Pumps for NEW Builds
Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) are a type of heating technology that absorb and concentrate heat from the air outside and use it to heat homes.  They are more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional fossil fuel heating systems.

ASHPs are being used by some of the large house builders with an eye to reduce heating costs and carbon impacts in dwellings.  It is expected that these systems will become common place within new build homes with the introduction of the Future Homes and Buildings Standard which introduces more stringent changes to make buildings more energy efficient.  These systems typically require the use of larger 15mm diameter pipework to achieve the necessary flow rate through the system.

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Pipe Sizing for Air Source Heat Pumps
The use of 15mm pipes is important for ASHPs because they allow for the use of lower temperature systems, where the water passing through them runs at a higher flow rate and with a larger capacity, heating the house up more gradually over a longer period compared to traditional heating systems.  These systems are perfect for maintaining ambient heat within a space which is more efficient and helps reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Are you making the switch?
Developed with the house build and sub-contractor in mind, the GRS-DUO-15 Twin Plate Radiator Pipe Guide and Seal was designed to prevent air leakage at pipework penetrations behind a radiator that is plumbed with 15mm flexible plastic barrier pipework, commonly used for central heating systems in modern buildings with ASHPs installed.  
Along with limiting air leakage through the penetration and producing an attractive finish to the detail, the GRS-DUO-15 also acts as a guide for the pipework as it exits from behind the wall and transitions below the radiator to the valve points at the outer corners, eliminating the risk of kinks and chafing along the exposed run of pipe.

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The patent pending twin plate design allows for a robust mounting point for the pipework at the first fix plumbing phase, with the subsequent penetration through the plasterboard behind the radiator then covered and sealed against air leakage during the second fix. The versatility of the system allows it to be installed in a wide range of details and with both blockwork and stud wall constructions.

The unique single central fixing of the sealing cover plate can also be secured directly to the rear mount plate rather than into the surrounding plasterboard, which removes the need for plasterboard fixings near to the cut edge of the plasterboard pipework opening. The mount plate offers a series of fixing locations to allow the system to be fitted securely with a variety of plasterboard and radiator offsets.

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