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Synergi is an independent mechanical design consultancy that specialise in Mechanical Engineering, District and communal heating and Steam Engineering. Our knowledge and expertise covers varying technical solutions incorporating the latest renewable technologies.
heat networkSince its conception in September 2017 Synergi has drawn together it’s in depth knowledge from various mechanical services systems to quickly become a leading innovator in heating and cooling networks. Synergi has worked on a large number of networks and by utilising this knowledge it’s enabled Synergi to improve the energy efficiency of a large number of networks while also increasing their reliability.
It is an uncomfortable fact that a large amount of historic networks in the UK have been left with legacy issues both in terms of reliability and performance. It is the unfortunate resident, building owner or operator that bares the brunt of these issues. Overly hot buildings in summer, unreliable hot water, high utility costs, high electricity and energy use are all symptoms of poor networks. The associated increased utility costs, especially in this time of high energy prices pushes more and more tenants into fuel poverty.
The experience gained by Synergi allows us to rapidly asses all types of heating and cooling networks and quickly drill down to the root causes of inefficiency and poor reliability. The subsequent reports list out the recommended actions to be undertaken along with a cost/benefit analysis allowing easy assessment of the gains to be achieved and the areas to target. Pumps are brought under control, bypassing on the network is reduced, Delta T’s are increased, network losses, energy use and carbon emissions are all reduced, as is the likelihood of the building overheating.

These improvements inevitably improve the reliability of the network, improve the indoor climate for the residents while dramatically increasing reliability and thereby reducing complaints and improving stakeholder satisfaction.
Synergi has had the good fortune to work closely with a number of renewable energy specialists manufacturers and installers and has the experience to ensure that the integration of these low carbon energy sources into the network is carried out in such a way to maximise their run time and worth to the system without compromising the network they’re installed upon.
Latterly, Synergi have worked with several heat pump manufactures carrying out feasibility studies, assessing heat pump outputs and building demands. A number of these studies have been on refurbishment projects where the currently installed equipment and network is assessed. This highlights any other remedial work that could be required to reach optimal efficiency and performance of the network within the building thereby increasing the SCOP of the installed heat pumps.

heat network

This detailed approach allows us to maintain the highest of standards throughout all of our activities. This has led several housing associations, Local Authorities, Utility companies and other high-profile clients approaching Synergi to aid them in the reduction of their carbon footprint. This can sometimes be achieved with relatively simple optimisation of their existing networks, installation of renewable technology into the plant-room or by a complete overhaul of the network. The renewable sources can take a proportion of the total load or meet 100% of the networks demand. The key is, the amount of work and the selection and sizing of the sources is tailored and bespoke to meet the needs of the client.
Having designed the technical solution Synergi can also provide skilled project managers, to act as client agents and project manage the entire installation/refurbishment. Adoption of this approach ensures the installation, commissioning and subsequent performance meets the designed technical solution. In this way Synergi ensures that reality meets design.,, 03301 334 375