Hybrid Heating for the modern home – the choice is yours

With over 15 year’s experience in the electric heating market, The Electric Heating Company witnessed a significant increase in demand during 2020 for their Electric Boilers and the various Electric Radiator models. Another contributing factor is the Governments proposed move towards a decarbonised grid which permits the electrification of heat and marks the end of fossil fuel combustion as a main source of heating. This attractive alternative to combustion fuels is highly efficient modern electric heating systems.

The established DSR Electric Combination Radiator range continues to be very popular with Homeowners, Social Landlords, Developers and Architects due to their many features, proven performance and can be supplied in various RAL Colours. They are available in Standard sizes with options of space saving Tall Radiators and Conservatory models.


High standards

The DSR Electric Combination Radiators are produced in Germany to the highest quality standards and meet the rigorous approvals for both UK and European legislation and are suited to all types of properties with no access to mains gas. They are also accepted as suitable replacements for storage heating systems.

The Radiators has been designed to look like conventional wet system radiators and provide the same controllability as wet system radiators. The surface of the Radiator incorporates high-fin design which boasts six times the normal radiator surface area. The overall effect is a balance of convection and radiant heat for added end-user comfort.

The DSR Electric Combination Radiators are 100% efficient and designed to modulate and maintain a constant room temperature resulting in lower energy use and more affordable running costs. The Radiator will only use approximately 20-25 minutes of electricity per hour, dependent on the building fabric, outside temperature and end users’ requirements.

Built using the latest technology

The DSR Electric Combination Radiators are LOT20 Compliant and use the latest technology to have an in-built “Open Window” feature which does not need window contacts. This feature will detect if there is a significant temperature drop in the surrounding area within a short period of time. If such a drop is detected, the Radiator will switch off, preventing energy wastage and associated costs. The Geolocation feature is also proving to be very popular.

Wi-Fi ready for APP control

The DSR Electric Combination Radiator can be manually controlled for both Time and Temperature 24/7. They have also been designed to be Wi-Fi ready, allowing users to communicate with the product via their computer, tablet or mobile. Users simply need to purchase the optional Gateway and download the easy-to-use EHC Smart APP which gives them complete control of the time, temperature and programming of the Radiators either individually or collectively at the same time. Users can also access the Electricity Power Limiter, Electricity Monitor and Radiator Priority settings.

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