New products, new look for Sangamo heating and timer controls

The existing Sangamo range of Choice Thermostats and Choice Controllers, well-known in the industry, has been totally revamped and has been relaunched as the Sangamo Plus range of heating and timer controls. The new range showcases brand new products, as well as enhancements and improvements to existing products and introduces key features that are designed to boost the products’ energy saving properties.   At the same time, the whole range has been redesigned to create a sleek appearance and a uniform, ‘family look’ across all products.  

The new-look Sangamo offer can be broken down into three main product categories, with a total of 15 products making up the comprehensive range:

• Choice+ Thermostats
• Choice+ Programmers
• Powersaver+ Controllers


Choice+ Thermostats
The Choice+ Thermostats range of products - designed for controlling heating systems via an electronic sensor – now totals seven products.    The Choice+ room thermostat regulates and maintains a desirable temperature through the home by calling for heat as the temperature varies through the day.  For example, if the temperature drops below the set temperature the thermostat calls for heat from the boiler, heating the radiators until the set point is reached.  

Choice+ thermostats include a TPI (Time Proportional and Integral) control feature to ensure a maintained temperature by analysis of the heating and cooling periods.  In addition, Choice+ programmable thermostats include Optimum Start and Delayed Stop for additional efficiency, heating and cooling for the time programmed.  These features combine to offer the best in heating comfort and energy efficiency when compared to traditional on/off thermostats.  

For installer convenience, Choice+ wireless thermostats are an option if a hardwired connection is not available in the intended location.
The Choice+ Thermostats range comprises:
• Electronic room thermostat
• Tamper proof electronic room thermostat
• Electronic frost thermostat
• Electronic room thermostat with digital display
• Wireless electronic room thermostat with digital display
• 7 day programmable room thermostat
• Wireless programmable thermostat with digital display

Choice+ Programmers
The Choice+ Programmers are designed for heating and hot water controlled independently across separate channels via a programmed schedule.  For certain properties, thermostats are not required and a simple programmer to activate the heating or hot water is all that is needed.  A Choice+ Programmer allows the occupant to specify when a call for heat is made in order to match their lifestyle requirements and ensuring energy efficiency.

There is a choice of 1 to 3 channel programmers in order to suit the system application, from single channel control suitable for combi boilers, to double control for independent heating and hot water and finally a 3 channel option for when 2 heating zones are required.  In addition, each Choice+ Programmer has a selectable Service Interval function, which assists with compliance to the Gas Safety Regulations requiring landlords to carry out annual gas safety checks on appliances in rental properties.

To ensure a user and installer friendly experience, the Choice+ Programmers incorporate a large display screen with clear graphics and pre-set schedule for convenience.

The Choice+ Programmers range comprises:
• 1 Channel programmer with digital display and service interval function
• 2 Channel programmer with digital display and service interval function
• 3 Channel programmer with digital display and service interval function


Powersaver+ Controllers
The Powersaver+ Controllers are primarily used to control immersion heaters.  In a typical UK household nearly 20% of a home’s energy cost is spent on heating hot water.  Leaving an immersion heater on all the time can be a significant waste of energy that can drive this figure up to 25%, or even higher.  The automatic control of a Powersaver+ Controller can save on fuel expenditure and energy wastage.  

Amongst a wide range of applications, the Powersaver+ Controller models are also suitable for combi boilers, panel heaters, lighting – including LEDs – and towel rails.  The range includes a double pole switched fused option to incorporate an extra isolation feature which separates the live and neutral wires, adding additional safety for high loads.

The Powersaver+ Controllers range comprises:
• 2 Hour electronic boost timer
• 2 Hour electronic boost timer & fused spur
• 7 Day time switch with boost
• 24 Hour fused spur time switch with boost
• 7 Day fused spur time switch with boost

The Sangamo range of heating and timer controls forms part of the portfolio of products offered by ESP, a leading supplier of CCTV, fire protection, access control, emergency lighting and external security lighting solutions.

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