It’s now easier to do the right thing by bats

Finding suitable roosting spots in urban areas has become increasingly difficult for bats in recent years due to improved building practices and materials that reduce defects. However, the innovative Manthorpe Bat Ridge Roost™ provides a solution by offering these important pollinators a new home among the rooftops.

This product is the result of a partnership between Manthorpe and the bat experts at the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT). By tapping into the BCT’s extensive knowledge of bat behaviours and needs, the Ridge Roost provides an optimised, purpose-built roosting habitat for small crevice-dwelling species right here in the UK.

The field monitoring process includes partnering with Vistry Group to install Ridge Roosts at one of their new development sites through the BCT’s Roost Partnership Scheme, opening up more opportunities for ecologists, researchers, and bat enthusiasts to observe these fascinating nighttime creatures in their urban habitats.


What makes it so bat-friendly?

Let’s start with the prime location - situated at the roof’s apex acting as the ridge end cap itself, this elevated spot gives bats that high vantage point they crave, with a secure, self-contained space offering protection from predators and the elements.

But the benefits go beyond just the location. The interior was carefully designed with real bats in mind. Climbing grooves and a rougher recycled polymer surface allow easier manoeuvrability inside the roost whilst thermal testing and an insulated inner chamber create a temperature-stable environment. Multiple prototypes were refined before landing on the final shape and textures to seek the bats approval.


With the growing emphasis on environmentally-friendly building solutions, it’s crucial that new products don’t impede construction schedules. The Ridge Roost meets this need through its ingenious, versatile design, suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects. The two-part installation seamlessly integrates with both dry verge systems and traditional verge details, allowing for easy adoption by housing developers without disrupting timelines. A key advantage is the roost’s exterior mounting location, providing dedicated bat housing while ensuring there are no entry points into the roof space itself.

From thermal design backed by university testing, to construction that meets modern aesthetic standards, to installation that integrates with your current building methods - it’s clear the Ridge Roost was developed with our industry’s needs in mind. But most importantly, it answers the call for sustainable solutions that support biodiversity in the urban environment.

So, whether you’re planning a new residential development or renovating an existing property, keep the Manthorpe Bat Ridge Roost in mind. Your bat neighbours will appreciate you giving them a place in the community.

Images © Manthorpe Building Products